Zlosynth Kaseta, a reel-to-reel tape machine-inspired multi-function module

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Zlosynth Kaseta is a new fascinating reel-to-reel tape machine-inspired module that can be a CV or sound generator and an FX processor. 

In the past two years, there has been a lot of interest from hardware and software developers in reviving the sound of vintage gear. Especially the crisp lo-fi sound you get from tape machines, cassette decks, etc. A flood of plugins was released in the past years. This trend has also arrived in the Eurorack area.

With Kaseta (20HP skiff friendly), the young developer Zlosynth has released a multi-purpose or multi-function module that is inspired by the legendary reel-to-reel tape machines.

Zlosynth Kaseta

Zlosynth Kaseta

Its core is based around the clever Electro-Smith’s Daisy Patch SM platform. Kaseta can be a CV generator or sound generator, or effects processor.

It consists of an internal five-minute audio buffer, four delay lines with independent reading heads, a magnetic hysteresis simulator, and wow and flutter control. Without that, it wouldn’t be a tape machine-inspired module.

The recorded audio can be edited with various parameters. For example, the magnetic hysteresis simulator provides warm saturation to it.  Pre-amp, drive, bias, and dry/wet are here the parameters. You can also add the beautiful retro unstable character to it with the wow and flutter controls.

But that’s not all. You can also work with free-moving delays and sculpt rhythms or feedback loops. It also offers a built-in trigger sequencer and a voltage-controlled oscillator. Thanks to its flexible engine, Kaseta is a flexible tape machine module but also a delay, a saturator, or even a CV generator.

On the connection side, you have a mono input, a stereo output (L/R), an impulse input, and CV ins. Too bad, I would have preferred stereo to stereo. On the other hand, the LED visualization is nice, so you can see when the signal is clipping.

First Impression

A nice module with a creative feature setup. I like the very clear interface of Kaseta so that you can see the functions directly. And it shows once again how performant a platform like the Daisy Patch SM can be. Very cool; you can also hack the module and customizes the code.

Zlosynth Kaseta is available now for $319,64 in an assembled version or $264,53 for the DIY kit.

More information here: Zlosynth 

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