Atomosynth Tottem 2, new 4-voice analog drum synth voice for Eurorack

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Atomosynth Tottem 2 is a new analog Eurorack drum voice module featuring four independent drum/percussion synth channels.

Eurorack modules are developed and produced all over the world, even in distant Chile. There is the home of Atomosynth and the developer Alfredo Aliaga.  In its portfolio, he has a variety of Boutique synthesizers and modules based primarily on analog circuits. These are produced in small series in Chile.

His earlier developments like the Mochika XL, which came with a transparent green interface, were particularly striking. Perfect for the next conversation with aliens. He also has a drum voice in his range called Tottem, which he was presenting when I visited the Tokyo Festival of Modular in 2017. Today, the Tottem module marks a comeback in a newly designed version 2.

Atomosynth Tottem 2

Atomosynth Tottem 2

Tottem 2 is a new 24HP module for Eurorack featuring four independent analog drum/percussion synth voices. They are split into two different voice architectures.

The first two are full percussion synths with triangle and square wave oscillators and a noise generator. They also offer an envelope for “sweep” effects, an LFO with triangle and square wave, and a decay envelope for the overall volume contour or VCA.

According to Alfredo of Atomosynth, these are very flexible drum synth voices allowing you to generate powerful bass drums, toms, clicks, up to unique timbres like laser guns and weird glitch sounds.

Then, part 2 consists of two other drum voices featuring each an oscillator with “metal” and square wave, a white noise generator, a mixer, and a decay envelope. You can use them for generating metallic sounds like hi-hats, crashes, cymbals, clicks, beeps, and everything in between.

Tottem 2 also offers an option to combine the synth voice types for more rich and more unique sounds entering the complex sphere.

Further, it hosts an output mixer with individual level controls and outputs for each voice and master output. Connection side, you get individual gate inputs and two pitch ins. Alfredo promises:

The new Tottem produces a “raw” organic character sound, that does not emulate any drum machine and stands apart from the very polished and over-processed digital drum synthesizers and samplers, giving you a new sound to enrich your percussion palette.

Here is also my video for Tottem 1 from the TFOM from the year 2017.

First Impression

A nice further development of the original module. Now with four voices, two different types, and more features in one module. The module also sounds very solid. Congrats Alfredo for the release.

Atomosynth Tottem 2 is available now for $279 (USD) + VAT + import. It includes free worldwide shipping by DHL express.

More information here: Atomosynth 

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  1. Looks good and sounds good! Nice price tag. A little light on CV inputs but for a simple all-in-one drum machine module it’s fine.

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