BeepStreet Combustor, AUv3 time bending resonator FX for iOS and macOS

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BeepStreet Combustor is a new unique AUv3 time bending resonator FX processor for iOS and macOS from the maker of the Drambo app. 

Chorus, delays, reverbs, etc. are classic effects that every music producer has in their hardware or plugin arsenal. It also exists in the mobile iOS world. But how about something completely different?

An effect that can heavily transform your signals and take them into wilder territories. BeepStreet, the maker of the Drambo has today published a unique FX processor for macOS and iOS.

BeepStreet Combustor

BeepStreet Combustor

Combustor is a new custom time-bending resonator FX consisting of four sections: an envelope follower, input, combustor, and output. BeepStreet promises, it doesn’t sound like anything you have heard before. The developer describes it as a unique, wild resonating body fashioned to spice up or extremely transform your tracks.

The FX starts with an envelope follower capable of creating dynamic-controlled pitch or filter sweeps It has an attack-release envelope and adjustable amounts for the filter and tune.

Then, you have an input level followed by the star of the app the Combustor effect. It’s basically a resonator with the option to get bent and changed in resolution. Plus, you get your classic controls, including tune, feedback, and filter. It also has MIDI input allowing you to control the resonator’s pitch. This gives you the freedom also to create melodic sounds out of non-melodic content.

Combustor is capable to create anything from vibrant, distorted texture, perfectly suited for “hardcore” electronic musicians, to subtle physical resonance, which is often lacking in synthesized sounds.

First Impression

A very nice-sounding AUv3 effect processor that can twist up any signal. I really like the very simple interface which invites you to tweak the parameters like on a hardware pedal. If you’re looking for an extraordinary FX to spice up boring sounds, then you’ve come to the right place.

BeepStreet Combustor is available now for $4.99. It runs as an AUv3 FX plugin on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and macOS (Apple Silicon-only).

More information here: BeepStreet

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