Noisio Levitation Oscillator, a 10-voice spaceship drone Synthesizer

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Noisio Levitation Oscillator is a new portable 10-voice drone Synthesizer with an original synth engine and a look from distant worlds.

Experimental synthesizers have a special place on the site. Because they often offer new concepts and move the synth market forward.  Most of them are drone synths. In combination with an atmospheric reverb, you can make massive textures with it.

A pretty new drone synth with a wild character comes from the German developer Noisio.

Noisio Levitation Oscillator

Noisio Levitation Oscillator

Levitation Oscillator is a 10-voice drone with a striking spaceship design. The core relies on wide-frequency range sine and sawtooth waveforms, switchable with sliders, that follow the concept of additive synthesis. They can be tuned with one knob per oscillator

Besides this, there is an optional noise mode based on a “noisio-typical” 8-bit register made for chaotic sounds. Then it also hosts a one-button random generator for instant new sounds. A built-in filter for shaping the drones and a volume knob are also available on the front panel.

Noisio Levitation Oscillator

You have a main output and a trigger input on the connection side. The latter allows you to fade out the sound via the ducking gate. Alternatively, you can use the corresponding button for making this happen. Here is an extensive sound demo of the Levitation Oscillator.

First Impression

A fun drone Synthesizer that looks like a lot of fun.

Noisio Levitation Oscillator is available now for 68€ as an easy-to-use DIY kit. No SMD soldering is necessary.

More information here: Noisio

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  1. Lets be honest, this thing looks awesome. It sounds gnarly and nasty, knobs aplenty, and looks like a zebra had sex with a batwing.
    What’s not to love?

  2. I built one and it was very easy to solder. You get much bang for your bucks. It’s absolutely hilarious. Love it 👍

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