FingerLab Mynth, AUv3 Synthesizer with drawable oscillators & LFOs, gets macOS support

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FingerLab Mynth is a new AUv3 Synthesizer for iOS/macOS from the developers of the DM1 drum machine with drawable oscillators & LFOs 

Good news from FingerLab. Mynth Synthesizer is now available for macOS AUv3. This means you can run it as a plugin in your favorite AUv3-enabled DAW or application, but only on Apple Silicon computers. 

There is also a new ring shifter effect processor and low and hi EQs for the tube amp FX of the synth. Great update! 


Article From April 10, 2021

The developers of the beloved DM1 Drum Machine for iOS are back with a new app. Mynth is a new 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer with a lot of functionality.

It’s unusually deep for a Fingerlab app. The developers are known for very simple apps paired with very appealing user interfaces.

FingerLab Mynth

FingerLab Mynth

Mynth is FingerLab’s deepest Synthesizer to date. It features 3 oscillators with classic but also drawable waveforms. Each oscillator has controls for volume, pitch, and up to 6 octaves. The ability to draw custom waveforms makes the synth very flexible.

Then, you get two dynamic filters with a wide range of filter types, including Moog Ladder, Korg Lowpass, resonant, and string resonator. A lot can be achieved here, from simple filtering to complex effects. Further, you get 3 effects, including tube amp, delay, and a reverb.

The modulation side is huge. Four LFOs, up to six envelopes, where you get one envelope for all three VCOs, one for both filters, and an A/D envelope for each LFO. Plus, you can draw your own waveforms for the LFOs. There are a lot of possibilities here.

Also onboard is an arpeggiator and a live recording module. Mynth has all the connection options you would expect from an iOS Synthesizer from 2021: full MIDI, AudioBus, IAA, and AUv3 support. The synth ships with 96 factory presets with which you can explore the sound palette of it.

Nice, the app also runs as a Synthesizer on macOS Catalina non-M1 Macs. As always with FingerLabs, Mynth is a free download with 12 presets. However, this is limited in the features. If you want all features like the effects, all LFOs, presets … you need to upgrade the app via an in-app purchase

A surprisingly deep app from FingerLab. The feature set looks very solid and the interface looks lovely and intuitive.

FingerLab Mynth is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store. You can unlock the full version for $7.99 USD. It runs on iPad, iPhone, and macOS 10.15+ (Intel & M1) as an AUv3.

More information here: FingerLab

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