Superbooth 23: Xaoc Devices Ostrawa vc stereo mixer, Drezno II, and more

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Superbooth 23: New Xaoc Devices modules, including Ostrawa voltage-controlled stereo mixer, Drezno II, and more. 

The Superbooth 23 in Berlin gathers the worldwide music tech, especially the synthesizer community, in one place. Manufacturers, musicians, and synth enthusiasts meet here for three wonderful days.

Xaoc Devices is also coming to Berlin from Poland. This year they will bring four new modules to their booth.

Xaoc Devices Ostrawa Superbooth 23

Xaoc Devices Ostrawa

Ostrawa is a full stereo four-channel voltage-controlled mixer featuring a stereo mixing bus, one stereo auxiliary send per channel (switchable between pre and post VCA) with stereo returns, clickless muting, individual level meters, and a super-clean and DC-coupled signal path designed with high-quality VCA and opamp chips.

The design features an elaborate control circuit that combines the internal voltages generated by the panel potentiometers with external CV over volume and stereo balance. The result is a natural attenuator response that constrains VCA gain to a usable range while minimizing distortion.

Ostrawa is a sister module to Xaoc Devices Praga. Good, multiple Ostrawa and Praga units may be chained for a custom configurable mixing system. And there is an expander giving you more I/O.

Xaoc Devices Bohumin

Bohumin is the 10HP expander for the Ostrawa stereo mixer giving you a second full stereo AU bus with voltage control over the amount of the effect of each channel.

It features manual attenuators for stereo returns of both AUX A and AUX B, as well as four gate inputs for automated clickless muting of each stereo input channel. It’s not compatible with the Praga module.

Xaoc Devices Drezno II

Drezno II is a major makeover of its original Drezno module and is an essential member of the 8-bit Xaoc Devices Leibniz Binary Subsystem.

The new Drezno II features an ADC (analog-to-digital-converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog-converter), allowing it to act as an analog front-end of the system. The module converts analog signals and CVs into digital numbers, as well as obtains analog signals back from some other digital numbers (or 8 binary signals). Both ADC and DAC sections can work independently, or they can be linked.

It comes with new converters of much higher resolution, which results in much lower noise floor and higher accuracy. The lower bits are much more stable than before. Xaoc says it is easy now to use Drezno for quantizing pitch voltages with accurate results with 128 or 256 semitone steps.

Potentiometer ranges are factory calibrated for the precise chromatic scale. A new switch on the front panel allows the user to select the calibrated range of 10Vpp or 20Vpp, so that the lowest bit or the second bit corresponds to 1 semitone.

Xaoc Devices Rostock

Rostock is another new module for the Leibniz system and is a data pipeline, a FIFO (first in – first out) shift register, or a very short digital delay. According to Xaoc Devices, it operates similarly to a BBD delay or an ASR (analog shift register), except that it is digital. The main features are:

  • shift register / delay memory of up to 64 stages
  • voltage controlled length
  • looping and scrambling
  • optional individual clock input to each bit line

Xaoc Devices Deva

Deva is an expander for Xaoc Devices Timiszoara multi-fx module designed to explore the dirty/nasty side of signal processing creatively. Deva opens up the Timiszoara programs you’ve come to love with some unexpected twists and turns along the way.

The analog side features two external feedback loops (for the left and right channel) with tilt filters adjustable via sliders with two additional switches for choosing positive or negative feedback (for each channel). The third slider controls the DAC clock – from overclocking by a factor of two down to 16-times slower, so you can go from chipmunk to hardcore teeth gnashing of underclocked goodness. A switch allows for turning the clock control off for normal/regular operation. All features have inputs for external CV.

First Impression

An interesting lineup of new modules for the Superbooth 23. Especially the CV control stereo mixer with CV looks very inviting.

The new Superbooth 23 Xaoc Devices modules Ostrawa will cost 480€, Bohumin for 260€, Drezno II for 295€ and Rostock for 260€. The availability of the new modules is TBA.  You can visit Xaoc at their booth W355.

More information here: Xaoc Devices 

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