Superbooth 23: Korg Berlin Acoustic Synth Phase5

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Korg Berlin Acoustic Synth Phase5 is a prototype of a new Synthesizer that Korg Berlin, headed by Tatsuya „Tats“ Takahashi, will show at Superbooth 23.

Some time ago, Korg opened a special department for product development in Berlin. More precisely, it’s a transdisciplinary development team of ten talent people designing new musical instruments. This is led by former Korg developer Tatsuya “Tats” Takahashi, and Maximilian Rest (E-RM).

The team was quiet for a long time. But at Superbooth 23, things are moving. On Instagram, the team shows a prototype of a new Synthesizer they are working on for the first time—the Acoustic Synth Phase5. The prototype will be on display at their booth.

Korg Acoustic Synth Phase5

Korg Berlin Acoustic Synth Phase5

The Acoustic Synth Phase5 is the new hardware Synthesizer that the developers Tatsuya “Tats” Takahashi, Maximilian Rest, and others are working on. We don’t know exactly what it is yet.

“Acoustic” could refer to a new physical modeling Synthesizer specializing in imitating acoustic instruments. And “phase” to phase modulation synthesis. So a hybrid thing that could be the successor of the Korg Z1/Prophecy Synthesizer. Who knows?

I would be very happy about such a Synthesizer because physical modeling in hardware has become very rare. Aodyo Instruments from France work on a multi-timbral synth called Anyma Omega. I made a video from it on SynthFest.

What we’ll see at Superbooth 23 will be a prototype. So basically a development teaser on what the Korg Berlin team is working on. We will see a finished synth later. The published image shows a synth with layered PCBs. Well, you don’t recognize a lot. I am very curious what it will be.


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Korg Berlin Acoustic Synth Phase5 will be showcased at Superbooth 23 at booth Z440.

More information here: Korg Berlin

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