Superbooth 23: Kaona Skippy, matrix and non-matrix polyrhythmic sequencer

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Superbooth 23: Kaona has introduced Skippy, a new matrix and non-matrix polyrhythmic sequencer module with four tracks. 

The Eurorack News coverage for Superbooth 23 has only just started, and I already feel there are 200 releases. I think there are many more new modules to come.

Kaona, a new French company, will show Skippy at Superbooth, a new compact polyrhythmic sequencer fusing matrix and no-matrix workflows.

Kaona Skippy

Kaona Skippy

Skippy is a new 10HP feature-rich matrix and non-matrix polyrhythmic sequencer. Kaona wants to tell us here that the sequencer works linear and logarithmic.

It offers four independent tracks controllable with a straightforward interface. The developers promise one-button per track, one function per screen, and no sub-menus. That sounds good; I often get lost in too big sequencers, and then I find it less fun.

According to Kaona, per track, you can set the BPM (10 to 400), number of steps (1 to 64), direction, and linear or log. And you can work more creative functions per track, including random, chaos, the number of steps before the start and end of the sequencer, and the gate duration.

The logarithmic side also features various algorithms, including Euclidean (Bjorklund), matrix patterns, micro-timing patterns, and matrix rotation. Skippy can hold up to 64 configurations internally in the memory.

On the front panel, you get four outputs, a joystick, a round display in rainbow design, four background lit buttons, and clock in/out/reset sockets.

Besides this, Koana will also announce an expander module and Zazou, a new generative composition module, coming end of 2023.

First Impression

An exciting, colorful new Eurorack sequencer that is particularly striking with its compact design. The range of features is also extensive and promises a lot of fun.

Kaona Skippy will be available soon for 372€. Kaona will be at Superbooth 23, and you can visit them at booth W472.

 More information here: Kaona 

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  1. It is a wonderful lil’ sequenceur, and it’s very gorgeous. Tons of very cool algos.
    Thanks to the author for including the videos 🙂

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