Softube Recreates Vermona Random Rhythm Sequencer For Modular Synth

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Softube virtualizes the very intuitive 2-channel trigger sequencer Vermona Random Rhythm with all beloved features for their Modular synth plugin.

They did it again. Softube has teamed up with another Eurorack manufacturer and published a module as software emulation. After Doepfer, Intellijel, and others, they are now also working with Vermona from Germany. The new module offers an emulation of the Random Rhythm, a very creative sequencer module for Eurorack. The Modular version offers all features you know from the hardware.

Vermona Random Rhythm is a dual-channel trigger sequencer, with different time scales (1/4, 1/8…) and individual outputs for each scale. The fun part here is that you can work very deep with probability values on the triggers or with a feature that is called Dice. Here you throw a “dice” into the sequence, this will randomize the actual patterns and lets you create new and interesting rhythms every time you press on the button. A perfect module that immediately gives you new inspiration.

Softube Vermona Random Rhythm

Modular is an ever-expanding ecosystem. We’re delighted today to welcome not only a new module but a new partner brand to the family. The Random Rhythm module by Vermona is amongst the most exciting and creative trigger sequencers out there, combining chance with control in all the right ways.

It’s a fun way to generate rhythms you might never think of, and layer them in ways that may never come naturally to mind, but which always sound smart and tight and intentional.


  • An exact model of the original hardware, authorized by Vermona.
  • Get creative, one-of-kind results without manual or note-by-note programming.
  • Software exclusives let you save presets and the states with the session.
  • Functions just like the Eurorack hardware.
  • Great for drum modules, as an arpeggio sequencer, or anything you can conceive of.
  • Made for Modular, Softube’s Eurorack platform.

Vermona Random Rhythm is available now as a module for Softube Modular for an introductory price of $29/29€ until May 14th, 2020 (regular $39/39€).

More information here: Softube 

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