iceWorks Redshrike, iOS AUv3 resonator Synthesizer now a macOS plugin

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iceWorks has turned its iOS AUv3 subtractive resonator Synthesizer Redshrike into a macOS plugin (Apple Silicon). 

In the past few weeks, Japanese developer iceWorks (iceGear) has ported many of its excellent iOS AUv3 synthesizers to macOS Apple Silicon. As a big fan of his apps, I am very happy about this step. Laplace, Lorentz, and Nambu are available so far, and then Mersenne came during Superbooth—one of my favorite synths.

Today RedShrik, another resonator powered Synthesizer has reached the macOS cosmos. Again as a free download for existing iOS users.

iceWorks Redshrike macOS iOS

iceWorks Redshrike macOS iOS

Redshrike is the same virtual instrument on macOS as iOS. It’s a polyphonic Synthesizer that combines a resonator and subtractive synthesis with an FM oscillator that creates distorted timbres. Satochi, the Japanese developer of iceWorks is known for its resonator love, and in Redshrike it also plays a big role.

The synth consists of a single oscillator with wave morphing (saw, triangle, pulse), and dedicated AD envelope, and LFO. You can make frequency modulation on this oscillator in the FM part. Here you can choose between weak and strong FM, and work with the frequency and depth controls. There is also a mixer, an AD envelope, and LFO inside this section.

Then, you can detune the sound, and add a sub-oscillator. A pitch section also allows you to achieve pitch modulation with drift using the built-in envelope and LFO. Additionally, you can infuse a noise generator with six types in your signal. They range from classic white or pink up to wild digital and glitch noises.


All this goes into the resonator section—the heart of this subtractive Synthesizer. You can adjust it precisely the oscillator and noise amount that goes into the resonator. It offers a lowpass filter, pitch control, feedback, and a dedicated modulation section, consisting of an AD envelope and LFO.

From here, it goes into a 12dB/24dB lowpass filter with drive and modulation (ADSR envelope and LFO). The filter has a Low parameter that can boost the bass range, and you can make a heavy sound.

There is also an amp section with a dedicated ADSR envelope with level and velocity control. Lastly, you can refine your sounds with tweakable chorus, delay, and reverb effects.

First Impression

iceWorks gave Redshrike a very special sound for a subtractive Synthesizer. Unlike classic virtual analog. This is mainly thanks to the resonator and other small features and tweaks. Something dirtier and more special. I’m very happy to see Redshrike on macOS. Thanks a lot, Satoshi.

iceWorks Redshrike is available now for $9,99  on the Apple AppStore. The new update 2.7, with macOS support is a free update. It runs as a standalone and AUv3 plugin on iPhones, iPads, and macOS (Apple Silicon systems).

Important note: Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is known to have a display bug regarding apps already purchased on an iOS device. In this case, you should still be able to continue the purchase process and download the app for free.

More information here: iceWorks (iceGear) AppStore 

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