Behringer Spice, a clone/replica of the Moog Subharmonicon semi-modular Synthesizer

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Behringer Spice is a clone/replica of the Moog Subharmonicon semi-modular analog Synthesizer for an estimated price of $249. 

The Moog “Prototype” semi-modular synthesizer series is popular. They’re the classic Mother 32, DFAM percussive synth, and more experimental Subharmonicon using subharmonic synthesis and polyrhythmic patterns.

Behringer also saw this success and created affordable clones/replicas of these existing products. They also want a piece of Moog’s success pie. The orange Crave is the Mother 32 replica with the 3340 oscillator chip and MIDI support, while the Edge is the DFAM in pink and with MIDI. The latter is currently available for pre-order. What is missing? Yes, the Subharmonicon. It has now been introduced and is called Spice.

Behringer Spice

Behringer Spice

Spice is a clone/replica/copy of the Moog Subharmonicon semi-modular Synthesizer from 2020. In the same design as the Crave and Edge. Just as colorful. This time in red, which is a bit more subtle than the bright pink of the Edge.

Spice will feature the same experimental-flavored sound engine as the original. It hosts two VCOs coupled with four subharmonic oscillators. This oscillator layout is inspired by the principle of the Trautonium, mainly known for its undertone sound generation. The frequencies of the subharmonic oscillators are determined mathematically from the frequencies of the two main VCOs, with an integrated quantization function being available.

Besides the Trautonium influence, the Moog developers also got inspired by a rhythm concept by Leon Theremin. This is in the form of two sequencers, each with four steps and four rhythm generators. So perfect for unusual harmonic structures and unique polyrhythms. Like the original Subharmonicon, it also features a ladder resonant filter, and two AD envelopes for the filter and VCA.

You also get a 32-point patch matrix on the panel’s top for diving deep into modular/semi-modular synthesis. As with the Crave and Edge, Behringer’s take on the Subharmonicon, aka. Spice also has a USB/MIDI implementation.

Behringer says

SPICE comes with full MIDI/USB implementation. The unit is currently undergoing final beta testing and hopefully will go into production soon. We believe we can produce SPICE for 249 USD max

Personal Input

Although I did not choose the word “ripoff” this time, this is again a copy of a product still on the market from the original manufacturer.  Yes, it can be done as a company and as a business model; the demand for copies/clones/replicas is high. I don’t like to repeat myself, but I don’t support these releases. I support releases vintage re-releases like the Pro-800, Solina… or new developments like the Proton.

Behringer Spice availability is TBA. Price is estimated to be $249.

More information will follow here: Behringer 

Moog Subharmonicon is available at my partner


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