Behringer Solina String-Ensemble is ready for pre-order and shipping in 1-2 weeks

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No secret, Behringer is working on an analog reproduction of the Solina String Machine as a compact desktop unit, now the first prototype is here.

Behringer is not at Superbooth but there are good news. The Solina String-Ensemble replica/clone is ready for pre-order, and it’s shipping in 1-2 weeks.

It will cost 329€ at Thomann

March 3rd, 2023

And the chips are also there for Solina. According to Behringer, the replica/clone of the legendary Solina String Machine is in production and will be shipping to retailers soon. Also, here, it may take a while as they have massive backorders.

Behringer Solina String Ensemble in production

Official Behringer News (Facebook)

Oh, one more thing. Solina is coming:-)
It took a long time, what we’re finally getting there. Please keep in mind, that it’ll take a bit time to reach your studio, as we’re just shipping from the factory and we have massive back orders.
Behringer Solina String Ensemble in production

Article From August 24th, 2022

Update: A sign of life from Behringer! The company released today an official video of the Solina clone/replica for the Eurorack format. It will be an authentic replica/clone of the original circuit in a smaller format and with new features.

New features will be MIDI, USB, Eurorack compatible patch points (trigger out, gate out, mod in, mod out, phaser in, phaser out, and a VCA CV) as well a Small Stone phase. Cool, you can also use feed the phaser with an external signal.

The unit in the demo sounds very good and close to the original. It should cost around $359 USD and is ready. Behringer has not communicated a release when it will go to the dealers. The chips are probably missing here.

Article April 30st, 2020: Behringer Shows First Prototype Of The Solina String Ensemble Eurorack Module

After seeing the OB-Xa yesterday, Behringer is showing today the first prototype of the Solina String Ensemble. This is an analog reproduction (clone) of the Solina String Machine. As seen on previous render images, this new Synthesizer is also a Eurorack module like the Neutron or Pro-1. Yes, a Solina as a Eurorack module looks a bit strange.

The analog engine has also been expanded for the modular world with some connections: trigger out, gate out, mod in, mod out, phaser in, phaser out, and a VCA CV in. A good extension here is the phaser input and output with which you can use the Solina module as an effect processor. MIDI in again on the front panel and on the backside, main output, MIDI channel configuration, MIDI Thru, USB, power on/off, and DC input.

Behringer Sollina String Ensemble

Behringer Official Statement

We’re very excited to now share with you the first prototype of our Solina String Ensemble. As you can see we’re using rapid prototyping tools such as 3D printers to speed up the process. This is actually not a trivial product – just look at the vast amount of analog components. The Solina is now on the way to Germany to our innovation team who will implement the firmware and hopefully, soon we will be able to let you hear the first beautiful string sounds. Thanks for all your encouragement. Uli

Cat Synthesizer & Modular 55 Update

According to the Thomann website, the Cat Synthesizer and the first System 55 modules (Moog Modular Clone) will be available soon. Cat in 2-3 weeks and the first modules 1-2 weeks.

Behringer Solina String Machine availability & price TBA. Cat will be available in 2-3 weeks for 319€ and the System 55 modules in 1-2 starting at 49€.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. Solina looks great but since the ETA relies on finding chips, and the Behringer factory is in China, there’s a good chance we’ll never see it in the shops.

  2. Enough “announcements” from the R&D department. Wake me when these cheap-ass knock offs SHIP.

  3. This sounds good. I’d like me a bit of String machine action, but not enough to buy this. Aficionados: Will a Streichfett VST + some nice distortion treatment get you there?

  4. Amazon US has Solina for $196 on backorder. Guessing Units most likely will ship by May 2024. Just press Buy Now to lock in price, not Notify. (I bought an backordered Amazon Model D for $199 in Dec 2021 that arrived May 2022. They bill when it ships.)

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