Superbooth 24: Sound Workshop Wiggler V3, expressive touch synth, first look

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Superbooth 24: Sound Workshop presented the Wiggler V3, an expressive mono synth with the playing experience of an acoustic instrument – first look.

Last year, I met Chris from Sound Workshop on the Superbooth route. At that time, he took the Wiggler in V2 out of his backpack. It is an expressive touch synth with a special concept.

This year, Sound Workshop had a booth at Superbooth 24, where Chris showed the latest version, the Wiggler V3, which is now in beta.

Sound Workshop Wiggler V3

Sound Workshop Wiggler V3

Wiggler V3 is an expressive mono synthesizer. Unlike most synthesizers, the focus here is on the playing experience. The engine is straightforward and is virtual analog with a single oscillator.

The operation here is fascinating and innovative. According to Chris of Sound Workshop, he aims to bring emotional gestures of acoustic instruments into the world of synths. He describes Wiggler V3 as a synth that has evolved from a wooden flute instead of a piano.

For this purpose, a new touch interface has been developed from scratch to provide this playing experience. The result is an interface that can wiggle for vibrato and can be pushed for dynamics.

Sound Workshop Wiggler V3

It has eight touch plates and a note layout inspired by traditional instruments like Duduk where all the notes belong to one musical scale. You can also select the route note, other scales, etc. directly on the interface. And there is no menu diving, no presets, etc. It’s like playing an acoustic instrument.

On the backside, you can find five analog CV outs, USB-C for MIDI and power, MIDI over TRS, and more. Here is my first look video from Superbooth 24.

Sound Workshop will be available in November 2024 (estimated) for under 1000€ (estimated). Beta testing will begin in June/July. Chris also offers some beta units as a fundraising program to help support the development. To get more info about this, you need to send him an email. 

More information here: Sound Workshop

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