Total Studio 4 MAX, IK Multimedia renews its plugin bundles and TS3.5 MAX $199,99 deal

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IK Multimedia has released Total Studio 4 Max and all-new MAX plugin bundles, plus you get TS3.5 MAX for $199,99 for a limited time.

For many months the Total Studio MAX 3.5 Bundle from IK Multimedia was in a mega sale. For $199.99, you’ve got 63 plugins, over 15,500 sounds, and more—a no-brainer for the asking price.

There is usually a new version on the horizon when there are such sales. It is also the case here. IK Multimedia today renewed all of its MAX bundles, including a new version of its all-in-one bundle: Total Studio MAX 4. Upgrades are available, and there is still the option to get the Total Studio 3.5 Max for $199,99.

IK Multimedia Total Studio Max 4

IK Multimedia Total Studio 4 Max (Press Release)

Packed with more products than previous versions and now more affordable, all new MAX bundles plus TONEX MAX and MODO MAX offer unmatched value, helping musicians and producers to instantly equip their studios with all IK’s most cutting-edge tools. IK will be attending NAMM 2023 to showcase these and other innovative products.

Total Studio 4 MAX

  • 170 products
  • 640GB of rich, authentic sounds
  • 500+ ultra-realistic effects
  • new additions: TONEX MAX, MODO Bass 2, MODO Drum 2, AmpliTube MESA/Boogie, 12 new SampleTank libraries, 12 new Syntronik synths, and 2 new  T-RackS modules: The Farm Stone Room and Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip

AmpliTube 5 MAX V2

  • 438 gear models
  • 6000+ presets available on ToneNET
  • new additions: AmpliTube MESA/Boogie 2, four virtual X-GEAR pedals (distortion, delay, reverb, and modulation) 

T-RackS 5 MAX V2

  • 53 essential mixing and mastering plugins
  • new additions: The Farm Stone Room, Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip, Comprexxor, Sunset Sound Studio Reverb, T-RackS Leslie, 4 models of the TASCAM Tape Collection, and FAME Studio Reverb

SampleTank 4 MAX V2

  • 600GB+ sounds
  • over 18.000 instruments
  • new 28 SampleTank 4 libraries (all 34 synths from Syntronik 2 MAX, SampleTron 2, and full version of Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

Total Studio 4 MAX

New Upgrades

With this renewal, IK has also reduced pricing between 30% and 50% on the majority of its award-winning software products, making these powerful music production tools more accessible than ever.

Along with lower pricing for everyone, IK has greatly simplified the upgrade process for returning customers, introducing a single upgrade-for-all policy.

Regardless of the IK product purchased, all registered IK users can now access any software product at upgrade pricing. To be eligible, registering any paid product, be it software, hardware, or even just an app, is the only simple requirement. Similarly, any registered owner of another IK MAX product is eligible for IK’s MAXgrade price on the new Total Studio 4 MAX.

There is no video for the TS4Max yet but one from 3.5 version.

Total Studio 3.5 MAX Deal

I have a deal if you don’t need the latest version but are already satisfied with the 63 plugins and 15000+ sounds. Audio Plugin Deals is offering the Total Studio 3.5 MAX Bundle this Easter for $199.99 with an option to upgrade later to version 4.

The core plugins AmpliTube 5, SampleTank 4, etc., are the same. Only the content has been expanded in version 4.  For $199.99 the bundle is still very worthwhile and an excellent deal.


Total Studio 4 MAX by IK Multimedia is available now for $/€799,99. The upgrade for registered owners of any IK product is $/€499,99. The MAXgrade is available for owners of any MAX bundle, including the Total Studio 3.5 MAX, and costs $/€299.99.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

Total Studio 3.5 MAX is available here


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