Sinevibes Dense, new lush virtual analog infusion for Korg logue synthesizers

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Sinevibes Dense plugin infuses up to 4 virtual analog oscillators in different configurations in the Korg prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1. 

One of the most exciting developments in recent years is Korg’s logue SDK multi-engine. This is an open digital engine that allows third-party developers to develop new engines for the Logue family of synthesizers. Once loaded in your synth, you can turn the synth upside down and give an all-new character.

In recent years, many developers have released powerful Korg plugins from FM, wavetable, physical modeling, and much more. The Korg logue synths have an analog part, but virtual analog plugins should not be missing.  Sinevibes shows that there are also exciting VA plugins with the Dense.

Sinevibes Dense

Sinevibes Dense

Things can only go well if Sinevibes has a hand in the SDK pot, as with the Dense. It’s a new vintage-inspired virtual analog oscillator plugin consisting of four individual oscillators with saw, square, and triangle waveforms. According to Sinevibes, they use a technique often used in early virtual analog synths.

Dense offers many features for recreating the beloved vintage tuning instabilities and the per-voice discrepancies known from old analog synths. Including mutual detuning, random pitch drift LFO per oscillator, and global pitch. This allows you to create very subtle pitch changes up to timbres that have sunk into the deep valley of crooked tones.

The new Sinevibes hardware plugin features 50 sound source configurations with different settings for the individual oscillator parameters such as waveform, coarse tune, and output level.

You can also unlock a ring modulator or bit depth reducer for a wider, more unpredictable sound range. Further, you get a one-pole highpass filter and an additional sine LFO for vibrato to polish your sounds

First Impression

The new hardware “plugin” from Sinevibes sounds awesome. Very lush and wide. Can’t wait to try it on my minilogue xd. The first sound demos are very promising and it’s like you get a new synth.

Sinevibes Dense is now available for $29 and can be installed on any compatible Korg synths (NTS-1, minilogue XD, and prologue 8/16).

More information here: Sinevibes 

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  1. the lede is misleading. it has FOUR oscillators. period. the ’50’, and fifty mutuallty exclusive configurations of four (VA) oscillators indexed by cardinal number. that’s the way it’s done on Prologue. it can’t possibly produce 50 instances of an oscillator; just not enough CPU.

  2. Impressive! This sounds excellent. Wonder what’ll do as an NTS-1 effect. Is there’s some sort of splitting into faux voices available? Not familiar with the NTS-1.

    • The logue engine on the NTS-1 is the same as on the minilogue xd and prologue. So there is no sound difference.

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