BankOSCmr0v01 Is A 32 Sine-Wave Oscillators Sound Generator For Ableton Max For Live!

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Martin Russ (synthesizerwriter) latest release is a sound generator for Ableton Max For Live which is based around 32 sine-wave oscillators that allows the creation of experimental sounds

BankOSCmr0v01 is a new sound generator for Ableton Max For Live that not only has a complicate name but also a deep oscillator engine. It based on 32 sine-wave oscillators where each oscillator can be adjust individually. The device includes also a simple state-variable filter for filtering the output. This new device is very special and can produce very crazy sounds!


BankOSCmr0v01 is a Sound Generator, not a synth, and the MIDI input is just about as limited as it is possible to be. It provides 32 sine-wave oscillators simultaneously… The display shows the 32 oscillators from left to right, and each vertical shows the frequency as an orange square and associated bar underneath, and shows the amplitude (the volume…) as a purple square and associated bar underneath. Low frequencies and amplitudes are at the bottom, and high frequencies and amplitudes are at the top.

To control the oscillators, the controls on the left affect:

  • the Rate at which the update sweeps across the oscillators from left to right
  • the High and Low extremes of the frequencies of the oscillators
  • the Time for the frequencies and amplitudes to change to the new values from the scanning
  • a ‘New’ button to generate a new set of random values for frequency and amplitude (If you send a MIDI note to this device when the Rate is set to the slowest time (…all the way clock-wise: ‘Run’ changes to ‘Stop’), then this triggers the ‘New’ button.)

On the right, there is a simple state-variable filter that provides low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch transfer functions, and has Frequency and Q controls, an finally an Output control. BankOSCmr0v01 can produce a range of not-so-ordinary sounds, and is the first draft of one of my irregular explorations into sound generation.

BankOSCmr0v01 is now available for free from the Max For Live forum.

More information here: BankOSCmr0v01 

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