Walrus Audio Fable, new pedal takes you on a granular delay soundscape trip

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Walrus Audio Fable is a new creative effect pedal taking you on a granular delay trip through fascinating, bizarre soundscapes.

For the last 2-3 weeks I have been working intensively with effect pedals on synths. I have tested some exciting pedals and will publish videos and written reviews. I am particularly happy that I was finally able to test two pedals from Walrus Audio. Thanks to the Viennese music shop Klangfarbe who lent me the pedals for tests.

Walrus Audio is one of the most exciting pedal developers in recent times. Their pedals have, however, a downer, especially when it comes to electronic musicians. They are mono pedals which makes it difficult to work with stereo synths. This synth unfavorable configuration stays with their new Fable granular delay which is super tempting.

Walrus Audio Fable

Walrus Audio Fable

Fable is new fascinating ambient-oriented mono effects pedal powered by a micro-sampling delay engine. More precisely, it is built around five programs that combine various delay and granular combinations and routings.

Two DSP chips work internally enabling two separate effects to run in series before they’re run back through the chips for extra mangling.

Five Creative Programs

  • reverse delay into reverse granular (for long, smooth reversed transients or stuttering reverse glitch madness)
  • forward delay into octave-up granular in which sample grains are played at double speed (for airy cascades of sound…).
  • analog-style delay into octave-down granular in which sampled grains are played back at half speed (perfect to create deep, thunderous footfalls and thick, murky ambiance).
  • multi-tap granular into multi-tap granular (grain-verb) made for glitchy clouds and unique organic reverberance.
  • forward delay into randomized pitch granular 

Then on the control side, you get knobs for feedback, regen, time, tone, mix, mod, and the program-specific x-knob that adjusts everything from grain size to pitch changes. There is also a tap tempo and a momentary modulation speed and time-warping functions.

First Impression

A pedal that is to my sound taste. Granular and delay, mmm tasty. A fascinating combination, and in hardware, even better. It looks like it can generate some bizarre strange, bizarre lush soundscapes very easily.

Unfortunately, the pedal is mono again, meaning synthesizers can only be used to a limited extent.  It’s a shame because Walrus Audio has released exciting, unique pedals over the last few months and years.

Walrus Audio Fable is available now for 339€/$299 worldwide.

More information here: Walrus Audio

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  1. Some of the demos for this thing sound so bad. For a good laugh see Brett Kingmans effort. He’s usually very good but with this pedal on he sounds like he can’t hit a single note. lol

    • I listened to the demo and it just sounds wild and beautiful. That’s exactly what the pedal does—weird granular delay soundscapes. The pedal is not made for bread-and-butter sounds. Minute 2:37 just sounds divine in the demo and I would like to sample it instantly.

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