Behringer CZ-1 Mini, a portable $99 Casio CZ-1 replica for the on-the-go, update Pre-Production

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Behringer has announced the CZ-1 Mini, another new addition to their new line of portable vintage synths, this time a $99 Casio CZ-1 replica.

NAMM 2024 is done. In Banaheim the lights still seem to be on. After UB-X, JT-16, and the surprising RD-78, there is now an update to the CZ-1 Mini Synthesizer, initially announced in May 2023. 

The features have been known for a long time. Phase distortion synthesis à la Casio with analog filter and sequencer for $99. New are the photos. These are the first of the first pre-production sample unit of the CZ-1 Mini. Looks good to. I’m looking forward to the first sounds

Behringer CZ-1 Mini

Behringer FB post

The momentum keeps building as we introduce CZ1 Mini, an extraordinary reproduction of Casio’s CZ synthesizer engine, combined with an analog filter.
With its exceptional phase distortion synthesis, the sound the CZ1 Mini produces is unparalleled.
As we near the resolution of the chip crisis, we are intensifying our efforts to deliver all our pending products. This final tooling sample will now undergo beta testing and, upon successful completion, it will enter production, further fueling our excitement:-) Synths for all!

Behringer CZ-1 Mini_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Article From May 4th, 2023 

Let’s continue with the permanent guest and permanent topic Behringer. Besides the official presentation of the handy Perfect Pitch PP1 module, they also show a new idea for the next mini Synthesizer. Last year there was a big wave of announcements of various micro and mini synthesizers that go in the direction of Volca.

So far there is no information on when the small synthesizers will come to the dealers. Behringer says in the post they are currently rolling out them. Today they announced another one with the CZ-1 Mini.

Behringer CZ-1 Mini

Behringer CZ-1 Mini

According to Behringer, the CZ-1 Mini is currently just a drawing and not a finished instrument. It is modeled after the unique Casio CZ-1, a phase distortion Synthesizer from 1986. The original synth had 16 voices, two oscillators per voice, a chorus, and more.

In the FB comments, Behringer says the CZ-1 Mini will have 4 voices of polyphony. On the interface, we see the classic features of the CZ synthesizer like the controls of the DCOs, DCWs, DCAs, and dedicated line button. Interestingly, the CZ-Mini will have an analog filter with cutoff and resonance control. That could be an interesting mix.

Further, we see a display, the available waveforms, a volume pot, a headphone socket, sync, and a regular MIDI input. It can be played via MIDI or a touch keyboard including various controls, a built-in arpeggiator, and a step sequencer with motion.

Like the other micros/minis , this could also be an interesting Synthesizer for small money. I’m not sure yet if controlling a CZ engine is that sexy on a small synth though. But we’ll see that in the future.

Behringer CZ-1 Mini will be available for $99. Availability TBA.

More information here: Behringer 

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    • Certainly hope so, because this four voice thing is a joke. Raise the price $20 and give us at least.

  1. as a concept. not bad; although the CZ sound is kind of a one trick pony for me. i like this little form factor for the other models. hope I can come up with a gimick to rack mount them.

    • Can’t agree more. $100 for a 4 voice is a total waste of money, and even worse, a waste of silicon in a massive shortage.

  2. I see no ring mod or noise which were a big part of what I loved about the CZ.

  3. A bit silly including an analogue filter. Each original CZ voice had a DCW (waveshaper) and envelope which did a fair job of simulating a filter. Putting the resultant true polyphony through a single VCF would be counter-productive. But since it’s just a concept, it’s quite possible that it hasn’t been properly thought through yet.

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