GSi Red Animal, a new Vox Continental emulation for mac, win, and iOS

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GSi Red Animal is a new virtual instrument for mac, win, and iOS, emulating the iconic Vox Continental electronic organ.

Staying with the electronic organs. Not only Farfisa built them earlier, but also Vox. The well-known is the Vox Contentinal from the year 1962. It was a transistorized combo organ that was designed for touring musicians.

This instrument can now also be explored as an authentic emulation as a plugin in your favorite mac/win DAW or on iOS.

GSi Red Animal

GSi Red Animal

Red Animal replicates the iconic British Vox Continental electronic organ. Like the Compact DeLuxe emulation, it uses real-time synthesis and no samples. The key features are:

  • full Polyphony (61 notes, 12 Top-Octave Oscillators + Frequency Dividers)
  • key multi-contact simulation with authentic and adjustable key click
  • authentic recreation of the Vox register filters
  • recreation of the background noise and leakage
  • adjustable vibrato (speed and depth)
  • Built-in stereo delay effect and stereo reverb effect
  • built-in programmer with unlimited Programs
  • embedded user’s manual
  • very low CPU and RAM usage

First Impression

A sound demo is currently only available on the website. The Compact DeLuxe emulation sounds very good. I’m glad to see that this emulation is based on synthesis, not samples, which makes it very flexible.

GSi Red Animal is available now for 30€ + VAT and runs as a VST, VST3, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. The iOS version is also out now and costs $14,99, running standalone and as an AUv3 plugin. The sound engine of GSi Red Animal is also included in the GSi Gemini as well as in the Crumar Mojo 61 hardware.

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