SOMA Labs releases Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition in neon yellow

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SOMA Labs has teamed up with YouTuber Andrew Huang Edition for a special Pulsar-23 edition with a unique neon yellow finish.

The Pulsar-23 is no ordinary drum machine. Unlike classic drum machines, the Pulsar-23 focuses on direct interaction with the user. No drum pattern programming, no menu-diving for selecting samples. Instead it is fully controllable and patchable with crocodile clamps.

Depending on the patch, it is a highly versatile instrument that can be a drum machine, drum synth, drone synth, or even a weird sound effects generator. Plus, the sound is very organic and doesn’t compare to anything else.

Soma Labs Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition

Soma Labs has created a very fascinating, original instrument that is very popular. You can even hear it on the new Depeche Mode album Momento Mori in the track “My Cosmos is Mine.”

Andrew Huang has also been working with it for a long time. With Soma Labs, he has now created a special edition of the Pulsar-23 that is only available for a limited time.

SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition

Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition does not differ in features from a regular Pulsar-23. So no extra features in the engine. The biggest difference is the color of the case. Soma Labs already offers the standard version in different colors, from classic black or white to playful orange.

Soma Labs shows they can go even wilder than orange in the Andrew Huang version. This shines in neon yellow. It also features differently shaped black knobs that fit better with this version. Further, it comes with a set of alligator patch cables, a black cap, and a travel case.

Press Release

We’re pleased to present the new Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition: a vibrant yellow version of the one-of-a-kind, organismic semi-modular drum machine made in collaboration between SOMA and the producer and YouTuber himself. SOMA’s Pulsar-23 has become a go-to instrument for subverting the expectations of what a drum machine can or should do, attracting the interest of curious musicians looking for something a little bit different out of their drum synthesizer.

With this version finished in a vibrant yellow personally chosen by Andrew Huang, the Pulsar-23 has become a favorite part of Andrew’s studio due to its open-ended patching structure and rejection of standard drum machine tropes.

The results may not always be what you expect, but like many other SOMA devices, Pulsar-23 creates a seemingly organic connection between the musician and instrument, tapping into the deeper parts of your subconscious mind to rely on instinct and reaction rather than conscious decision-making.


  • Andrew Huang special edition Pulsar-23
  • unique neon yellow finish
  • patching interface features binding posts and alligator clips
  • interface with cables or even your hands for circuit-bent-like interactions
  • four synth voices: BD, BASS, SD, and HHT
  • four-channel tape-style event sequencer
  • digital delay + reverb FX sends, plus analog output drive
  • robust MIDI implementation: MIDI Learn on parameters, pitch tracking for BASS voice, four independent and assignable MIDI-CV converters
  • clock divider with seven outputs, syncs to internal or externak sources
  • bidirectional adapters to 8x 3.5mm and 6x 1/4″
  • VCAs, LFOs, and numerous other switching and processing utilities
  • SHAOS shift-register-based pseudo-random source
  • includes 30 alligator clips, international power supply, and exclusive alligator clip hat

First Impression

I have to admit I like this neon yellow version. For me, instruments are welcome to be more colorful. Not much more needs to be said about the Pulsar-23. A spectacular, original instrument with an unprecedented operating concept. A Drum machine à la SOMA Labs.

SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Andrew Huang Edition is available now for $2250 exclusively from Perfect Circuit.

More information here: Soma Labs 

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Perfect Circuit

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