Behringer Neptune-80, an analog 8-voice Roland Juno-6/60 clone Prototype status

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Behringer unveiled the Neptune-80, an analog clone/replica of the Roland Juno-6/60 with 8 voices and more.

The Roland Juno series are one of the most legendary analog poly synthesizers. The 6, 60 as well as the 106. Still super popular analog polysynths today. Behringer has also these classics on the radar. Ok which one not? The Deepmind already went in this direction, but it is not a replica but a modern analog polysynth that is inspired by these classics.

With the Neptune-80 they now show a clone/replica of the Juno-6/60 analog poly Synthesizers but with 8 voices.

Behringer Neptune-80

Official FB Release

So, for years you guys have been urging us to build one of the most sought after synth. We managed to resist for a long time, but we finally gave in;-)
Here is the fully working prototype of our Neptune-80, an 8-voice polyphonic synth with original analog matrix, BBD chorus and modern user interface such as LCD Display, USB/Midi etc.
We modeled it after the best sounding 6/60 version and we absolutely love the sound. Our product engineer Ben (a synth fanatic himself) couldn’t stop playing the Neptune, but we luckily managed to pull it out of his hands and get it in front of our camera. Sorry Ben:-) What do you think?
The Neptune-80 is Behringer’s clone/replica answer to the Juno-6/60. It will have all the features of the original, including a single DCO, a highpass filter. lowpass filter, VCA, envelope, LFO, and the iconic BBD-based chorus. But also much more.

Unlike the original, the Neptune-80 will have 8-voice of polyphony, a new analog matrix, USB/MIDI, and patch storage. Everything we want to see from Roland. Well, if Roland doesn’t want to listen, then Behringer has the advantage. I find it exciting that they want to replicate the Juno-6 and Juno-60 in one device. I’m curious about how authentic this sounds.
Behringer Neptune-80

On the back, we also see that it gets stereo output, full MIDI, and more. As I already said, I’m looking forward to the final product. But as you know, Behringer, that will take some time.

Behringer Neptune-80 availability and price TBA.

More information here: Behringer 

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