Behringer Poly D (Poly Minimoog) As One One More Thing?

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According to the first indications, a 4 voice polyphonic Behringer Model D (Poly D) is in the starting blocks as one one more thing for 2019

If the hints are correct, that would be a slight refreshment to the many clones of late. A polyphonic Model D (Poly D) or Minimoog would be something different. Ok, it would still be a clone of the Minimoog but in polyphonic. That this will be the case is confirmed by the new Behringer teaser on YouTube, which clearly shows 4 D characters, or stands for 4 voices.

There is another clear hint. According to Ranz Adamson (YouTuber), there is already existing code for a Poly D in the Behringer Synth Tool app. One thing is clear in my opinion: the clues go to Poly and Model D, so probably a Poly D. The question now: how could it look?

Behringer Poly D

Possible Features Of The Behringer Poly D

The possible Poly D will probably have four voices but will it be an Eurorack or a keyboard Synthesizer? The last would be a nice change to the always the same designed clones. Behringer probably will not change much with the classic Minimoog design. Why, too, the Model D sounds very good and extremely close to the original Moog Synthesizer. Another oscillator, so four would be for 4 voices, however, a nice addition.

Since the Poly D is already found in the code of the Synth Tool app, it may well be that this has a built-in sequencer. Hopefully, an improved one that is less cryptic to use (my opinion).

Behringer Poly D
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Do you want effects in the Poly D? I would wish. Since one has already installed a similar BBD delay at the Neutron, it may well be that this is also installed here. Reverb, etc. would be great but then they have to install an extra processor for this as in Odyssey. I can not imagine that. I think they will stay more in the analog area like an analog distortion or overdrive.

I am almost certain that we will see a polyphonic Model D (Poly D). When Behringer will reveal it is not known but the big teaser show is already on. Stay tuned for more information.

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