Waldorf M 16 Voice: multi-timbral “microwave” wavetable synth gets a 16-voice upgrade

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Waldorf M 16 voice, Waldorf’s multi-timbral wavetable synth and spiritual successor of the Microwave, gets a 16-voice upgrade. 

At Superbooth 21, Waldorf released the M. A  Synthesizer with a short name but with a deeply vintage-inspired engine. It is a multi-timbral wavetable Synthesizer that continues the popular microwave synths, not as a replica but as a modern take.

Already at the release, it was known that you could boost the small eight voices with an extra voice card. The users have now been waiting for this extension for almost two years. Today Waldorf finally shows it and a new M 16 Voice version for all those who would like to have the 16 voices right away.

Waldorf M 16 Voice

Waldorf M 16 Voice

Don’t panic. The M 16 voice has the same feature set as the original M. The only difference are the voices. It has 16 voices built-in instead of 8 and has a fancy red sticker on it that says it’s the special version. Waldorf says:

M’s musical heart is now an 16-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral WAVETABLE SYNTHESIZER — as boldly blazoned in red across its full-metal blue- coloured casing, itself hinting at its illustrious Microwave heritage — are two wavetable oscillators with independent wavetable-generating Classic Microwave 1 and Modern Microwave II/XT modes, meaning that the wavetable oscillators behave differently in both of those modes (accessible by pressing the Mode button beside the helpful high-resolution graphic display with four endless encoders for yet more hands-on control).

Waldorf M 16 Voice

 M Voice Expansion V0.6

And for all those who already have an M in the studio but want more voices, there is now the possibility to boost the voices to 16. Waldorf has today released the M Voice Expansion V0.6 giving your M 8 more voices. It’s nice to have the opportunity now.

M Voice Expansion V0.6.0

Waldorf M Backpack

If you want to take the M, Kyra, or Iridium with you on stage or travel with it, there is now an official M backpack. With the former or new Waldorf logo.

Waldorf Backpack

Yesterday Tim Shoebridge released a nice demo of the Waldorf M.

Waldorf M 16 Voice is available now for 2308€ (incl. VAT) and the M Voice Expansion V0.6 costs 699€ (incl. VAT).

More information here: Waldorf 

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  1. And yet they still find a way to abandon Kyra users.
    I’ll never buy another thing from them, totally untrustworthy.

    • The Kyra isn’t an internal Waldorf design, and I doubt it sold particularly well. That makes updates problematic; you have to get the original designer to fix bugs without a budget. That’s the challenge of a small company.

  2. Excellent, I love it when manufacturers give us the ability to extend products that we already own (either through firmware updates or hardware). The M is a brilliant nod to the classic Microwave sound.

  3. Proof read your articles before publishing.
    It’s originally an 8 voice synth with an upgrade to 16 voices.
    It can’t start as 16 voices and be upgraded to 16 can it?

    • I proofread my articles, my friend. Hello, I’m fine, hope you too. If you don’t understand the headline, sorry. For me, it’s a synth upgrade to 16-voice that’s why it’s a “16-voice” upgrade because the M now has 16 voices

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