Babumas Devices Whistle 2, new M4L synth combines physical modeling with granular

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Babumas Devices Whistle 2, new M4L Synthesizer combining physical modeling with granular synthesis for vibraphone-style sounds.

Granular and physical modeling is one of my favorite synthesis forms to generate sounds. One turns simple sounds into massive soundscapes and textures; the other opens the door for synthetically generated acoustic-style sounds.

Tones that have little to do with traditional subtractive synthesis. On the mighty, daily growing platform Max For Live, you can now explore both “esoteric” synthesis technologies in a new, easy-to-use synth.

Babumas Devices Whistle 2

Babumas Devices Whistle 2 (Press Release)

Whistle 2 is a new physical modeling Synthesizer with a banded waveguide as a resonator and a granulated noise as an exciter source.

Banded waveguide synthesis is a physical modeling synthesis method that can be used to model elastic solids, like a vibraphone or a marimba. The synthesis method propagates exciter disturbances across tuned frequency bands. In Whistle 2, the amplitude and the partials of these frequency bands can be dialed in and automated.

The exciter of Whistle uses a granular engine to process the noise source. This design creates a uniquely unpredictable texture, with any tonal elements in the exciter source interacting with the resonator to create random harmonic content.

First Impression

Mixing granular with physical modeling is a great idea. So you benefit from both characteristics, the atmospheric and the acoustic layer. And in combination, you can achieve unique moving vibraphone/mallet-like sounds.

Sonically, it reminds me of if many small marbles were falling into a glass and then generating a vibraphone-like sound. Very organic and lovely to listen to. Particularly interesting for sound designers and musicians with an affinity for acoustic-flavored timbres.

Babumas Devices Whistle 2 is available now for 26,99€. It requires Ableton Live 10 or 11 Suite or AL 10/11 Standard with a Max For Live license.

More information here: Babumas Devices (Isotonik Studios) 

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