Anyma Phi Kickstarter: Physical Modeling Synth Gets Playing Surface & Editor

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Anyma Phi, a new physical modeling synthesizer from France was successfully supported on Kickstarter, now there are more features waiting that requires more support.

In November I reported on the Kickstarter launch of the new Anyma Phi Synthesizer from Aodyo Instruments. The campaign goal of the compact, monophonic physical modeling synth from France was quickly achieved, so the product goes into final development and production. They have now raised € 60,000 for this unique new hardware Synthesizer.

Like every other Kickstarter project, Aodyo also has stretch goals for the device. The more money is raised, the more features come into the synth. The device will get some new functions, some others are still in the clouds, which depends on the Kickstarter support.

Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi

Anyma Phi blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modeling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal.

Anyma Phi Percussive Playing Surface

Stretch Goal: Percussive Playing Surface

The percussive playing surface is the first pledge goal to be unlocked. It will allow you to tap and scratch your sounds directly on the case without connecting an additional MIDI controller. It makes performances even more expressive and fun.

This surface relies on a piezoelectric contact microphone that will be integrated into the case. The resulting sound would be available to use on the Anyma Phi as an audio input, ready to be fed into resonators and effects. A nice new feature that fits perfectly into this type of Synthesizer.

Stretch Goal: Patch Librarian/Editor

Shortly before Christmas, the second stretch goal was archived. One that I’m happier about. The Anyma Phi now gets a complete editor and patch librarian. You can edit patches directly on your Anyma Phi, as well as send and receive patches via MIDI SysEx. This software will allow you to easily manage and share patches.

The software will be available on PC and Mac and makes all the synth components directly visible and shows their interaction. It would be nice to see an editor for Android/iOS that would make it even more portable in my opinion. But nice that it gets an editor because such complex engines can only benefit from such extra software.

Other Stretch Goals Ready To Be Unlocked

There are also other nice extra potential features, but the Kickstarter campaign needs more support to unlock them. The synth will get an extended patch memory when the campaign reaches 70,000€. More precisely, it will eliminate the limit of 63 and make space for 200 and more. This would be a very important stretch goal because it makes the device more DAWless. So you have more sounds or variations at your fingertips without having to worry about space or the computer editor.

Micro-tuning support will join the party with a Kickstarter support of 80.000€. You will be to use any scale or tuning, be it to play eastern music or to explore a new harmonic universe. The editor will have a scala load (.scl) or AnaMark (.tun) functionality that lets you beam these into the Anyma Phi. These will also directly respond to MIDI Tuning Standard (MTS) messages.

For more pledge support there are also new synthesis models and Bluetooth MIDI support. Very cool and handy features, but they need your help. I really hope that one or the other will come along.

The Kickstarter campaign of the Aodyo Instruments Anyma Phi will run until Wednesday, December 30 2020 5:57 PM CET. You can pre-order it now for 399€ (20% OFF) and shipping starts in April 2021.

More information here: Aodyo Instruments

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  1. Definitely a great sounding little module. I really love the percussion sounds. Here’s hoping they get a number of additional stretch goals. (Bluetooth is what I care least about myself…)

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