DecadeBridge Diamonds In The Dust, new 4-oscillator drone synth with customizable purity

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DecadeBridge Diamonds In The Dust is a new original 4-oscillator analog drone Synthesizer with customizable purity. 

Experimental synthesizers are very welcome. Especially if they don’t come from the big players but from small, fabulous developers with their own ideas. I recommend you to read my three articles (2022, 2021, 2020) to get a quick overview of the best experimental synth release of the last two years. I’m sure you will discover something new.

I am writing this because there is new experimental synth. From the British developer DecadeBridge, who made it onto the best of list 2022 with his original Bora drone synth.

Decadebridge Diamonds in the Dust

DecadeBridge Diamonds In The Dust

Diamonds In The Dust sounds like the title of the upcoming James Bond movie. This time, however, it’s a new British unique 4-oscillator analog drone Synthesizer. Like its previous release Bora, it’s a very compact Synthesizer with a hands-on interface.

Each oscillator has its own frequency and purity control. The latter switches the amount of noise the oscillator will produce. The four oscillators are grouped into pairs before being sent to the output (presence) section.

Decadebridge Diamonds in the Dust

Once arrived in the presence section, you can customize the routing of the oscillator allowing to achieve different sounds. In the up position, the corresponding pair of oscillators will output continously.

In the middle position, the pairing will be muted while in the down position a VCA input with CV controls the volume of the pair. With this, you can acheive a wide range of sounds, including pseudo sequences, FM style sounds, noise, crackes, and other textures.

Further, the oscillators can cross modulate each other depending on how they are set in the presence section.

Connection side, you get a main volume output, a power supply input and 4 VCA CV inputs.

With the Bora, DecadeBridge showed a very original patch matrix drone Synthesizer last year. Diamonds in the Dust fascinates in the same way with a beautiful own design and feature set. In terms of sound, the synth will be geared towards drone and noise lovers.

DecadeBridge Diamonds In The Dust is available now for 105,21€ + shipping.

More information here: Decadebridge 

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