DecadeBridge Bora, a drone Synthesizer with 6 oscillators

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Bora is a new handmade drone Synthesizer from UK-based indie developer DecadeBridge with 6 oscillators, sync and clever patch modulation. 

The special, unique Synthesizer releases often come from very small manufacturers who produce their products in mini quantities. Without marketing budget, without big distribution system… Straight from the garage to your studio.

One of these is DecadeBridge, which creates handmade electronic instruments in Cheshire UK. The latest release is called Bora and is a new drone Synthesizer.

Decadebridge Bora

DecadeBridge Bora

Bora is a new drone Synthesizer with a simple but inspiring concept. It uses 6 oscillators (A to F) each with independent, on/off switch, pitch and level controls. Use them together, detune each other… Bora gives classic ways to create big drone soundscapes but it goes also beyond that.

Then, the B, C and D oscillators offers a sync option to oscillator A that gives you synced waveforms and thus more sonic flexibility. Oscillators E and F can be switched to receive pitch modulation from the other four which is also a cool addition.

DecadeBridge Bora

So you have a kind of internal patch modulation available, which allows you to dive very deep in drone sounds.

Connection side, there is a single CV input for pitch control with the option to select the affected oscillators. Further, you get a VCA in for controlling the overall level of the output. With an on and off switch as well.

Bora is a very beautiful, unusual Synthesizer. It will certainly not meet the tastes of the majority in terms of features and sound. It’s an instrument for the experimental musicians who love drones or noise. And it makes me happy to see developers bringing such tools to the market.

DecadeBridge Bora is available soon via their official Etsy shop for £110. They are made in small quantities and so go out of stock really quickly.

More information here: DecadeBridge 

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