Strymon Cloudburst, a new ambient reverb for exploring lush soundscapes

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Strymon has released Cloudburst, a new hands-on ambient reverb for exploring lush soundscapes and textures.

Earlier this week, there was a leak of a compact Strymon reverb pedal. True or false the question with every leak. Today the answer.

Strymon Cloudburst is real. The Strymon Cloundburst reverb is real. It’s a new reverb pedal for ambient-loving musicians.

Strymon Cloudburst

Strymon Cloudburst

Cloudburst is a new ambient-focused reverb pedal from the makers of the popular BigSky. Compared to the latter, Cloudburst is a very hands-on pedal with a single algorithm letting your sounds float ambiently.

Its core is based on the BigSky cloud algorithm but upgraded, making it more versatile and flexible than the original. All new is an ensemble engine that uses your harmonic content to create massive pads and soundscapes that change based on your playing position.

Reverb side, you can tweak the pedal with various hardware parameters: decay (1-50s), pre-delay, mix, tone, and modulation. From slight colorations to massive, lush soundscapes, Cloudburst can generate a wide range of reverbs. And if you want to dive into the drone fields, the pedal also offers an infinite/freeze mode for endless sustain.

Strymon Cloudburst

Connection side, you get two inputs that can be switched to mono, mono-to-stereo, or true stereo configurations. The third input offers an option to plug an expression pedal or a MIDI TRS cable. With this, you also get access to multiple presets.

You can power the pedal with a classic 9VDC power supply and use the USB-C port for firmware and MIDI control.

At first glance a neat compact pedal. Sonically on a very high level, like every Strymon pedal. I am looking forward to hearing demos with synths.

Strymon Cloudburst is available now for $279/319€ worldwide.

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