Explore Wires, AudioThing’s bizarre Soviet Wire Recorder now on iOS

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Wires, AudioThing and Hainbach’s fascinating Soviet Wire Recorder effects plugin is available now for your iOS mobile device as an AUv3 plugin. 

Before Christmas, the Italian developer AudioThing announced that they would port its plugins to iOS. At Christmas, Filterjam, a free filter app, popped up in the Apple AppStore.

Today one of the special Hainbach effect processors has also made it to iOS. With Wires, AudioThing’s wonderful bizarre emulation of a soviet wire recorder from the 1970s is now available for your mobile devices.

AudioThing Wires iOS

Wires iOS

Like the macOS/Windows version, Wires on iOS is an accurately modeled and enhanced 1970 Soviet Wire Recorder made originally for the military and secret service. But it’s also a haunting effect processor for musicians. YouTuber and experimental musician Hainbach shows that you can use it as a mysterious lo-fi and ghostly echo sound design tool.

Wires consists of an echo section and emulations of the original speaker and mic. Additional hiss and motor noise with a dedicated envelope add extra flavor to the sound. Also, start and stop effects are onboard for more authenticity.

It also houses a tube emulation at the output, adding richer character and density to the final effect. And the built-in preset random generators give you strange sounds at the push of a button. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Wires is no ordinary effects processor. If you’re looking for classic delays, reverbs, etc., you won’t find satisfaction here. But Hainbach’s collab app is perfect if you are looking for unusual, mysterious effects. From ghostly echoes, lo-fi textures, bizarre distortions… everything but not normal.

AudioThing Soviet Wire Recorder is available now for $12,99 USD on the Apple AppStore. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iPhones and iPads. The intro price ends January 25th, 2023.

More information here: AppStore

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  1. Wait a moment, in recent releases Apple made it much easier to support apps for both macOS and iOS, yet companies decide to charge customers twice? What a beautiful world we live in <3

    • it’s much easier, but the developer still has the power to choose either to offer it for both platforms or just for iOS. It’s a little click in the development tool

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