WoodStepper 3.0, New Features For The All-In-One Sequencer, Synth & Sampler AUv3 App

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WoodStepper 3.0 for iOS is a major update that brings a lot of new features including a Synthesizer mode, new sample playback options and support for own audio files.

This is a nice big update for this well-known iOS app. As a reminder: Woodstepper is an app that features a 4 independent sequencers that can be paired with Synthesizers or samplers. Here you can use different audio sources like the built-in VCOs or the sampled audio. Cool, each step can also send 4 MIDI messages (note on, CC…) to 2 MIDI channels.

The new update brings a lot of new features like a new Synthesizer mode that allows each of the sequencers to be switched to control VCO sources. Also, the sampler has been updated with new playback options (one-shot, random reverse…) and the option to load from your own files.

WoodStepper 3.0

New In WoodStepper 3.0

Synthesizer mode

  • Each sequencer can be switched to synth mode both for VCO sources and the sample loop sources.
  • The steps can then be used to have parameter automation along the bar(s) played.
  • The VCO synth can be set to para-polyphonic mode (sending notes 2&3 to VCO’s 2&3), which allows a maximum of 12 voices.
  • The global polyphonic mode (between the 4 sequencers/synths) allows a maximum of 4 full polyphonic voices.
  • Synth mode also works when the sequencer is not running (new Advanced setting).

Other new features

  • New Start Sequencer mode: a midi note received in a specified range, starts the sequencer.
  • Each sequencer/synth can set the range of receiving notes (allows for up to 4 split keyboard regions).
  • Samples (synth and sequencer) have new playback modes: random start, random slice, random reverse.
  • Samples now have a “1 shot” setting (avoids repeating when the number of samples < step time in sequencer mode or holding the key in synth mode).
  • Samples can now be loaded from file (.wav, .aif, .caf, etc).
  • Sample files should be in the folder “samples” in the iCloud WoodStepper folder.
  • In sequencer mode, an offset can be set to select a part of the file (when the file duration is larger than the step time).
  • Presets now have a “Made By” and comment field.

WoodStepper 3.0 is available now for $12.99 USD on the Apple App Store. The update is free of charge for existing users.

More information here: Woodman

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