Behringer AKS Mini update: three VCS3 oscillators, $99 USD and coming in summer Update

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Behringer asks on their social media channels if there is interest in an AKS Mini project, a portable 1-oscillator VCS 3-style analog Synthesizer

Update: Almost a year ago, Behringer announced a line of very affordable portable synthesizers. These are intended to compete with mini synths like the Korg Volcas, Modal Electronics Craftsynth/SKULPT… For a long time it was quiet around the development of these small affordable synths.

Today, I have news about the scaled-down version of the legendary VCS3. Behringer has today published a new photo of the final design of the AKS Mini with additional info.

Behringer AKS Mini

According to B, the final version will have three VCOs, a built-in arpeggiator, and a 16-step motion sequencer. So you can record parameters into the sequence. Probably also with the joystick, which would be super neat.

The VCOs, filters,.. will be based on the same circuitry as the original VCS3 Synthesizer to achieve the same sonic character but in a portable instrument.

Behringer says that the targeted retail price will be $99 USD, and shipping is scheduled for summer. Let’s see for which summer, and hope the chips will be in stock by then.


Article From March 31, 2022

Two days ago, Behringer shared new photos of the final pre-production model of their upcoming EMS VCS 3 Synthesizer clone/replica. One of the most complex projects that Behringer currently has because the VCS 3 has a very special circuit.

Today Behringer shows a new possible mini Synthesizer project based on these legendary circuits, the AKS Mini.

Behringer AKS Mini Project

Behringer AKS Mini

The AKS Mini is a render photo and not an actual confirmed product. Let’s call it a project. On the new render photo, we see a portable VCS 3-style Synthesizer with a single oscillator, filter, LFO and the classic env shaper section from the legend. Plus, you get a delay unit, a joystick, a sequencer, a multi-function touch pad, and more.

Facebook Post

Since we shared with you the pics of our upcoming VCS3, many people got so excited, that they asked for an affordable AKS synth that has the exact same sound signature. Here’s a draft proposal only and we’d love to get your feedback. We believe we could produce it for an estimated price of US$ 99. What do you think?

It is not known when this small 1-oscillator VCS 3-style Synthesizer will be launched. It is currently a project that is still being evaluated. But the little synthi looks interesting

More information will follow here: Behringer

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  1. Interesting, but defeats the purpose of the VCS (the complex pin matrix capabilities).
    However, I can see the value for the sequencer alone. It’s not a VCS3 like the other Behringer project, but for the price it should be worth while when adding external fx for noise making or pairing it up with other synths.

  2. I have a theory, all of these synth teasers are leading up to a massive April Fools joke. They announced a few synths, then yelled at everyone for wanting one because of a chip shortage, told everyone t owait. THEN announced like 75 new synths. Seems like a really big joke. I want to hear more about their sampler they teased and maybe get a brains.

  3. HiBehringer
    Great idea to revive the AKS.
    Do not miss the greatest idea of the AKS: you could define the ambitus of the keyboard, that is the distance in pitches between keys. Hence you could turn it into a microtonal device. By

  4. This would make a great blee-bloop-whee-wibble box, which was about 80-90% of what a VCS3/AKS was used for. I’d love it

  5. I applaud these efforts from B, not everyone has the funds to buy synths from the usual suspects. It’s getting more synths into the hands of people which ultimately has to get more people interested in buying more expensive synths down the line.

  6. The sooner the better, we all need affordable, great little analog hard machines as opposed to digital plug ins!.
    If OMD,Depech Mode, Gary Numan and so many leading synth bands couldn’t have afforded low priced analog synths back when they were starting we just wouldn’t have the music we have now.
    These little units are the way for bands which are just starting now to get real analog hardware and create the music of the future.
    Excellent work behringer and keep it up! We cant all afford to go out and start of with a new Moog or Roland as much as we’d love too and you are the only people who acknowledge this fact but realise that we love that sweet analog sound and like to tweek the sound by turning a nob!
    Really I can’t wait to get one and the sooner the better.

  7. No mod matrix, no vcs3.
    They could incorporate the matrix into the keys. I’d rather that than a half-baked, 10-a-penny sequencer.

    • You do know that this little product is a result of their cloning of the Vsc3, right ?
      The pin matrix will surely be implemented on the big one, in some form.

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