UVI Quadra Traveler takes you on a morphing world instrument tour

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UVI Quadra Traveler is a new multi-layer virtual instrument that takes you on a morphing multi-instrument worldwide tour. 

With the Quadra series, UVI has exciting sample-based virtual instruments in its portfolio that can be used to generate special hybrid sounds. This is where acoustic and synthetic sounds meet, and with creative mixing, you can sculpt unique organic timbres.

Quadra Traveler is the third release in the creative Quadra instrument series (Muted and Harmonics, Metal and Woods), which features a 4-part morphing/mixing engine.

UVI Quadra Traveler

UVI Quadra Traveler

The new Quadra instrument focuses on a large selection of worldwide instrument multi-sampled sounds (4,33GB…). They can be blended with a curated selection of synth tones.

It includes the following instruments:

  • fretted instruments: baglamas, banjo, Chinese pipa, oud, saz, bass, Celtic twelve-string guitar, Chonburi, and more
  • wooden instruments: balafon, gamelan, kalimba, sanza, mbira, steel drums and handpan
  • keyboards: cabinet organ, accordion, Indian harmonium, Nordic upright piano
  • strings: zither, cymbalum, dulcimer, erhu, guzheng, koto, lyra, qanun, shamisan, valiha, and viola
  • wind: alphorn, various flutes, duduk, key shakuhachi, bagpipes, pan flute, and more
  • synthesizers: analog, FM, modeled, PCM, and speaker synths

UVI Quadra Traveler

Each layer of Quadra Traveler consists of independent key zones, XY pads, fully-editable synthesis features (filters, amps…), and numerous Falcon-powered effects. Then, it has an advanced 64-step arpeggiator and phrase sequencer with pitch drift, scale quantization, and more complete the package, adding powerful and expressive performance controls.

The main page of the instrument is particularly suitable for quick patch design. Here you will find shortcuts to all four layers with a quick selection function of the sound and the arpeggiator preset. Plus, you can edit the key zone, octave, and set the reverb, and delay amounts. And you have a big morphing XY pad where you can mix timbres together and get new sounds instantly.

Further, UVI ships the new library with 311 presets and 187 layers, offering hundreds of unique, hand-crafted visions ready to be explored. All presets in Quadra are fully editable, functioning as fantastic starting points for your own creative journeys, or as ready-to-go mojo for your productions.


I already really like the idea of the first two Quadra releases. This is now the third with which you can build very unique hybrid sounds. Fast and uncomplicated.

UVI Quadra Traveler is available now for an introductory price of $99 USD/99€ through January 31st, 2023 (reg. $149 USD/149€). Quadra Traveler offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More information here: UVI 

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