Superbooth 23: DPW Design Mix, new stereo mixer and 4-Band Dist re-release

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Superbooth 23: DPW Design has introduced Mix, a new stereo mixer with crossfading and built-in limiter, and 4-Band Dist is coming back soon.

Let’s stay with distortion modules—a very underrated effect in Eurorack. We always love delays and reverbs, but distortions are fascinating on the same level. They bring exciting colors and warmth to the sound. One of the most famous distortion modules is back, finally. After a 1,5 years hiatus and component shortage, Dan Wahlbeck’s 4-Band Dist module makes a comeback and is available now.

For Superbooth 23, DPW Design showcases the new stereo mixer Mix and the already released AV2 module.

DPW Design Mix Superbooth 23

DPW Design Mix

Mix is a new compact, flexible 4-channel stereo mixer that can be used as a stereo mixer or as an 8-channel mixer with crossfading in four groups. It also hosts a soft-knee limiter for subtle level control. You can also drive it high and use it to color your sounds.

It can act as the main mixer of a small system, or you can have a few distributed in your bigger system. So one works as a center system. It is DC-coupled and thus you can also use it as a handy utility module for CV signals.

DPW Design 4-Band Dist Comeback

4-Band Dist is back and a good moment to revisit the module. It’s basically a  multiband distortion with controls over the low mids, high mids, and low and high frequencies. There is also a gain and volume control.

At low settings, you can also use it as a warm coloring EQ or preamp says the developer. On the front panel, you also have a Hi-Z input for guitar, bass, or a line level for synths. Then, it also has klick-free on/off switches from the Zero 2 module. This opens up some tonal sculpting possibilities not common in distortions, promise the Dan.

DPW Design AV2

AV2 is a DC-coupled utility module with a Swiss-army knife topology. The module packs a variety of tools into just 5HP. It’s a dual attenuverter, voltage source (nothing plugged), mixer, and comparator combined. You can use the functions by themselves or combined.

It supports a very high bandwidth (more than 300 kHz) for clean manipulation of audio). And according to the developer, YouTuber DivKid uses this module constantly. So it must be really good


First Impression

First of all, I am very happy that the distortion module is back. A great nasty and rich-sounding distortion module. The new stereo mixer is very simple but does what it promises. A nice lineup for Superbooth 23.

DPW Design 4-Band Dist is available now for 223€ and AV2 for 85€. DPW Design Mix availability and price TBA. Say hello to Dan Wahlbeck of DPW Design at Superbooth 23 at booth W441.

More information here: DPW Design

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