Sub51 Quondam, a free experimental virtual instrument for Kontakt 6 full

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Sub51 Quondam is a free Kontakt 6 (full) virtual instrument that is packed with customizable experimental, electronic sounds. 

Does it always have to be absolute news for it to be news? I’d say no because some things can be brought back into focus that may have gone out of focus too quickly.

Here is such an example. Sub51, a British sound design company, released a great free Kontakt 6 (full) library featuring unique experimental timbres.

Sub51 Quondam

Sub51 are always open to a challenge, so when it was suggested that they create a varied sample library of pads, rhythms, drones, loops, effects, lead sounds and basses using only sounds sampled from a bass guitar being played, hit or scraped, they were only too happy to oblige.

Sub51 Quondam

Quondam is a virtual instrument for the full version of Kontakt 6.6+ with experimental-oriented electronic sounds. It comes with over 300 patches that are divided into different categories. Including

  • 13 Bass
  • 93 Clicks, Pops & Scrapes
  • 26 Dark Arp Loops (Host Sync)
  • 26 Dark Arp Slices Inc. MIDI files
  • 48 Drones & FX
  • 11 Hollowed
  • 25 Morphed  (Host Sync)
  • 15 Noises
  • 3 Oscure
  • 3 Pad
  • 49 Rhythmic Loops (Host Sync)
  • 49 Rhythmic Slices Inc. MIDI files

The available patches are ready-to-use but can be customized by the musician. A small but fine engine is available for this, which can be controlled via a specially designed single-page GUI. You can adjust here the sample start time, pan, tune, envelope, and velocity. There are also different effects: resonant filter, lo-fi processor, saturation, reverb, delay, chorus, and dynamic processor.

On the modulation side, you get host-synced multi-wave LFO modulation with variable fade-in time. That’s a very useful functionality.

According to the sound designers: Quondam offers Taurus-like basses, textural drones, shifting pads, melodic rhythms, percussive spot effects, and synth sounds that range from bell-like to Wavestation-style complexity. What you won’t find is anything recognisable as a bass guitar.

Quondam will appeal to genres such as Ambient, Electro, Ethera, Experimental, EDM, and more says Sub51.


Looks like a very solid free Kontakt library with more unique, experimental timbres. A library that should not be missed as a Kontakt full user.

Sub51 Quondam is available now as a free download. It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6+ and is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

More information here: Sub51

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