Sound Dust Dust Engine #1, new Kontakt instrument with lush lo-fi synth sounds

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Sound Dust Dust Engine #1 is a new virtual synth instrument for Kontakt 6 packed with characterful, gritty sounds created from hardware synths.

I haven’t taken a look at the Kontakt world for a while. There are many new exciting libraries here, often for little money.

A new Kontakt instrument comes from Sound Dust, a sound design team that specializes in unusual, unique sounds.

Sound Dust Dust Engine #1

Sound Dust Dust Engine #1

Dust Engine #1 is a new Kontakt virtual synth instrument featuring a selection of newly created sounds from classic hardware synths and modern gadgets. Sound Dust promises timbres that are great for rich, lush, and grubby pads, deep, really deep unctuous subs, and bright gnarled keys and plucks.

The core features multi-sampled sounds from the Waldorf Microwave XT, Oberheim Xpander, Korg MS20, and Arturia MicroFreak. Part of this was further processed by the Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII pedal for adding lo-fi goodness.

Dust Engine #1 ships with a newly coded user interface with control over three synths (articulations) and a crackle generator. Plus, you get tape and glue controls to add organic, filthy wholeness to the overhauled sound.

Further, it hosts a multimode humanized ARP/sequencer module, and a solid multi-fx including a transient shaper, tape, Replika delay, a room reverb, a high-quality algorithmic reverb, distortion, and a three-band EQ.

First Impression

The library looks very solid. It’s not a full-fledged synth, but it offers lovely lush,  gritty, and noisy sounds that you can use straight away. 

Sound Dust Dust Engine #1 is now available for $35/30€ and requires the full Kontakt 6.8.1 or above version.

More information here: Sound Dust

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