Jexus releases new sounds for the Sequential Prophet-6 Synthesizer

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Jexus, YouTuber and sound designer, has published a new sound bank with 150 all-new custom patches for the Sequential Prophet-6 Synthesizer. 

Many Sequential, formerly Dave Smith Instruments, synthesizers have been discontinued in recent years. There are classics like the Mopho, Mopho x4, Tetra, and others. Strange as it is, the Prophet-6 is currently one of the oldest synthesizers in the current Sequential portfolio.

No synthesizer is too old for the well-known sound designer Jexus, not even the Prophet-6. He recently posted a written review on his site, plus published a new sound bank with all-new patches. So all Prophet-6 users who want new sounds, read on now.

Jexus Sequential Prophet-6

When the sound designer Jexus gets his 10 fingers on a Synthesizer, you can look forward to exciting sounds. He has been working more intensively on the Sequential Prophet-6 lately. From this time a patch library was created with 150 new sounds.

The patches cover a huge sound spectrum. They range from classic, and modern, to retro, aggressive, raw, and more. It includes a plethora of different basses, leads, pads, plucks, and, more.

In the two YouTube videos, you get a detailed overview of the sounds. They sound very original and unique.

The new Jexus patch library for the Sequential Prophet-6 is available now for $26,90 USD/25,90€/£24,90.

More information here: Sounds For Synths

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  1. Oh! I scrolled down into his earliest videos and recognize him as the guy who influenced me to buy the Alesis Ion and Creamware’s Arp Oddysey VA… About 15 years ago. Youtube was quite different back then, and well done demos rather rare, so his videos were rather special.

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