Fluss, Bram Bos and Hainbach’s hands-on granular performance app for iOS

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Bram Bos and Berlin-based musician Hainbach have teamed up for Fluss, a new hands-on granular performance app for iOS.

Granular synthesis often combines depth and a wealth of parameters. Perfect for sound design, but if you want to perform live with it, it’s often too much of the granular goodness. The iOS developers Bram Bos and Hainbach have made it their task to implement this in a playful, creative and easy way.

The end result is called “Fluss,” german for flow. They took the highlights of granular synthesis and pack them into a performance-oriented app. You can win a copy of the app. Simply leave a comment below until December 12th, 2022. Good Luck! 



After the beautiful Gaus Field Recorder, Fluss is the next collaboration between Bram Bos and Hainbach. The app is a sonic playground powered by granular synthesis, my favorite sound generation.

The playability factor of Fluss was important for the developers. For this, they have crafted a touch interface that is playful and inspiring. Made for live performances, real-time experimentations, or for your first steps in granular fields. So that you are always in the “flow of your soundscapes”.

Fluss has a three-voice engine that is available in the standalone app or in three independent AUv3 plugins, each with its own area of application.

  • import your own sounds (WAVs) and process them: standalone app + AUv3 plugin
  • record audio inside the app: AUv3 record effect
  • live process sound: AUv3 process effect

In addition, the Fluss engine comes with a filter that takes inspiration from the legendary Oberheim Xpander, including its resonant phaser filter.

And for transforming your sounds into huge soundscapes, it also hosts a shimmer feedback effect. It works like shimmer reverb, except it feeds the processed audio back into the grain engine. This allows you to create an endless loop of pitch-shifted goodness.


Flow is optimized to be used as a live performance instrument using the parameters and mapped XY pads. Large enough that you can easily reach them with your fingers. The developers go one step further.

Instead of classic LFOs or envelopes, all sliders and XY pads are paired with physical models, letting you flick and throw them around like no other manipulator.

Plus, you can use custom scales, including unquantized mode and Scala-import for microtonal experiments.

This looks like another fantastic collaboration between the two creative minds. With granular synthesis, you can always score with me, and that the whole thing is playful and ready for live makes the whole thing more exciting. I may have to add another instrument to my live performance tomorrow.

Fluss by Bram Bos and Hainbach is available now for $13,99 USD. It runs as a universal app on iPhone/iPad and has full AUv3 support.

More information here: AppStore 

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  1. Fantastic ideas. And hopefully not to cpu-hungry, so it can infuse new life on forcefully “obsolete” ios devices… keeping landfills free of them, right?

  2. Bram Bos never disappoints. This looks like a great addition to the stable of granular apps available on iOS.

  3. Looks like a great Bambros mash-up with performance cobntrole. I already have and love “Mononoke” from Bambros 🙂 Everything is in fluss 😉

  4. “Not only mystics, but even scientists
    tell us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed:
    it only changes form in a state of flow”

    excerpt from Bejamin Aleshire’s poem STATE OF FLOW

  5. A gorgeous sugar coated hands on interface seamlessly integrated with a brilliance of sound experimentation resulting in endless audio joy.
    Ive been waiting impatiently for this release.
    Now i just need to find a way to shoehorn this into my budget so i can get lost in sound, push away the winter chills and probably eat a little less ; ))

  6. Leaving a comment to hopefully win a copy. Who am I kidding, no way can I resist purchasing this before December 12th.

  7. I think it’s very interesting, and it looks like fun. I just wish it was a VST I could use on my computer.

  8. Every app from bram bos…..is well I call it Bossy in a very positive way…..
    Really like his apps ….. and the price is cheap compèred to other developers….

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