Forbidden Planet By TipTop Audio Is A New Analog Multi-Mode Eurorack Filter Influenced By Steiner-Parker Circuits!

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Forbidden Planet is a new analog multi-mode Eurorack filter module influenced by the 1975 Steiner-Parker Synthacon model with three dedicated filter inputs!

TipTop Audio known for the excellent Z-DSP or Z-8000 Matrix Sequencer has released today a new affordable Eurorack filter module. Forbidden Planet is a new analog multi-mode filter that is strongly influenced by the 1975 Steiner-Parker Synthacon model. Unlike other filter modules, features Forbidden Planet 3 individual inputs (HP, BP & LP) but doesn’t have dedicated outputs.

All three inputs can be used at the same time for interesting filter shapes. Also different is here the sound character which isn’t based on a classic lowpass filter but here on a high-pass filter. For a price of $120 USD, Forbidden Planet is a quite different Eurorack filter that offers a wide range of sounds for an affordable price.


Welcome to the Forbidden Planet, an all analog multi-mode filter design influenced by the 1975 Steiner-Parker Synthacon model. Control the Forbidden Planet manually or through CV and take the sound of your Eurorack into new orbits.

Forbidden Planet has three filter input jacks: High Pass, Low Pass and Band Pass. The High Pass section is this module’s signature sound—a crisp sharp-cut with no residue, designed to add High Pass filtering capability to Tiptop Audio’s wide range of Eurorack modules. Send a throbbing kick drum through the High Pass section and filter out the the rumbling lows while maintaining the pulse of the beat. The Bandpass is clear and useful in isolating a pie-slice-range-of-frequencies while cutting off the low and highs, great for accurate sound design or sculpting audio into that sweet spot. The Low Pass is an airy classic 12db two-pole analog slope ideal for monophonic synth patches and filtering down to the essential low-end bass we all love.

The Forbidden Planet Resonance utilizes an internal feedback path which can sound smooth or aggressive depending on the knob setting. At a low setting, it emphasizes the cutoff harmonics, at middle settings it begins to self oscillate, and towards maximum setting it forms interesting tones and all sorts of chopped grainy bits of self-oscillation perfect for entering into a sci-fi world.

The Forbidden Planet is an impressive multi-mode analog filter which adds a broader filter spectrum to the Tiptop Audio modular family and unlocks forbidden creative possibilities in a small package.

TipTop Audio Forbidden Planet is available now for $120 USD from any Eurorack retailer.

More information here: TipTop Audio

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