New Synth Magic Kontakt release captures the SIEL Orchestra and ARP Quartet

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Synth Magic has released the Siel Orchestra MK2, a new Kontakt full instrument library featuring sounds of the SIEL Orchestra and ARP Quartet. 

The ’70s and ’80s gave us many synth highlights. Many of these instruments are legendary today. During this time, some obscure synthesizers have come onto the market that has not achieved cult status but are part of history. One of these is the Siel Orchestra from 1979. An instrument that was also sold under the name ARP Quartet.

It’s a 4-part orchestral Synthesizer that features four presets, including brass, strings, organ, and piano. The preset can be changed very minimally, with a filter or just an envelope. The British developer Synth Magic has now melted these synth classics into a new affordable Kontakt instrument.

Synth Magic Siel Orchestra MK 2

Synth Magic Siel Orchestra MK 2

Siel Orchestra MK2 is a new Kontakt (full) instrument that features samples from the classic SIEL Orchestra 2 / ARP Quartet analog synthesizers. In all, 1.5GB of sample content is used in this new release.

Synth Magic sampled the original hardware twice through high-quality pre-amps and again using wonky tape. Unlike the original hardware, you can manipulate the sounds further with filters, envelopes, effects, and more.

Synth Magic Siel Orchestra MK 2

Further, the Siel Orchestra MK2 ships with many great-sounding patches that give you beautiful, haunting analog strings and synth sounds.


Synth Magic has made a name for itself in recent years for high-quality Kontakt libraries with sounds from vintage synthesizers. For me, the developer is the Kontakt counterpart to UVI. The Instruments offer the same attention to detail and depth by editing fully editable instruments. 

Synth Magic Siel Orchestra MK 2 is available now for an introductory price of £15 instead of £25. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1, and it doesn’t work in Kontakt Player. You can also purchase it at Loot Audio and get free products on top.

More information here: Synth Magic 

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    • No, because developers must pay license fees to Native Instruments to offer Kontakt Player instruments. For such inexpensive libraries, they need to raise significantly the prices, etc.

    • @L you had to be ‘that guy’ lol You do understand that Kontakt developers have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to license the Kontakt player from Native Instruments, yeah? Imagine how many they would have to sell to get their money back when selling for such a cheap price like this. Ahh the internet, where the ill-informed get to voice their crazy.

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