Tiptop Audio Teases Three Spatial FX Modules: Zverb, Echoz & Z5000

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Tiptop Audio ‘s latest teasers give us an early, first look at three new spatial Eurorack effect modules called Zverb, Echoz and Z5000

Tiptop Audio returns with three new modules or better say with a teaser for three new products. They will be named Zverb, Echoz and Z5000 and will be three spatial Eurorack effects modules. According to the official FB page, Z5000 is a new multi-effect processor module in 8HP which is under development.

But wait, a Z5000 already existed in the past. That’s true. TipTop Audio Z5000 was a multi-fx module in 14HP released in 2008 with a lot of different effects onboard. It included: Hall Reverbs (A, B, C), room reverbs (A, B, C), plate reverb A, B, C), non-linear reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, chorus, chorus/room reverb, chorus/delay, and rotary speaker.

Tiptop Audio Zverb Echoz Z5000

Tiptop Audio Z5000 Mk2, Echoz & Zverb

It may well be that the Z5000 (MK2) module is a successor of the first Z5000 with even more effects but in 8HP. It’s also possible that it’s based on the best-known FV-1 chip which can be found in many other effect modules.

The other two new modules sound like a new reverb and delay/ echo module. One thing is already confirmed. The modules will be available in the classic white optics but also with a black faceplate.

Tiptop Audio Z5000

Facebook source: Z5000 panels came in. We are excited, finally a Tiptop Audio Multi-Effect in 8HP 

Full details, availability & price: TBA

More information here: Tiptop Audio

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