Full Bucket Music PECS, free plugin emulates the KORG PE-2000 Synthesizer

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Full Bucket Music PECS is a free Synthesizer plugin for macOS/Windows that emulates the Korg PE-2000 polyphonic ensemble orchestra. 

There are tons of plugin deals for Black Friday. Often you don’t know where to start and what the best deal really is. The best is always when something can be downloaded for free. He’s released great-sounding synthesizer and effect emulations over the last few years.

Just in time for the start of the Black Friday season, Björn from Full Bucket Music has released another fascinating free Synthesizer plugin.

Full Bucket Music PECS

Full Bucket Music PECS

PECS is a new free Synthesizer plugin that emulates the vintage Korg PE-2000 Poly Ensemble S string machine/Synthesizer from 1976. It was one of Korg’s first polyphonic instruments.

Like the original, Björn’s emulation comes with a recreation of all eight original presets, including String 1 & 2, Pipe Organ 1 & 2, Brass 1 & 2, and Chorus 1 & 2. You can adjust them in a compact GUI with various parameters, including phase shifter, attack sustain envelope, and more. You can also activate the vintage vibe with a dedicated switch.

Full Bucket Music PECS


The sounds can also be completely modified on a dedicated edit page. This unlocks the complete engine of the PECS Synthesizer. Here you can find all three oscillators, a filter, two envelopes, LFO, and built-in effects like phaser/chorus.

Each oscillator offers pitch, tuning, wave, level, pan, rate, and depth controls. Then, the filter comes with lowpass/highpass settings with cutoff, peak, track, and envelope init parameters. Interesting, you can work with two stages of pre-filtering. Both built-in envelopes have classic ADSR characteristics.

Furthermore, you can refine your sounds with a built-in phaser and chorus filter. According to Full Bucket Music, PECS features a resizable user interface and full MIDI CC support. And the developer promises high performance and low CPU consumption thanks to native C++ code. So far, all FBM plugins have been very CPU friendly, I think that’s the case here too.

This looks like another fabulous free Synthesizer plugin from Björn, aka Full Bucket Music. I like that FBM also emulates synths that are not so well-known to most musicians or are emulated by other companies.

Full Bucket Music PECS is available now as a free download and runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and CLAP plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Full Bucket Music 

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