Free Caelum Audio Synthesizer plugin is the best friend of your SUBscription services

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Caelum Audio SUBscription is a new free Synthesizer plugin (mac, iOS, and win) that is inspired by the service that we all love.

If you didn’t know, today is International Joke Day. I hope there is enough laughter today. This day will also be celebrated in the music tech world a bit—especially Caelum Audio. Last year, they published Dustbin, a free effects plugin, on this day. So funny the idea of the effect processor but it sounds really good.

This year there is again a free plugin. This time a new Synthesizer in honor of the currently very “popular” subscription services in the music tech world.

Caelum Audio SUBscription

Caelum Audio SUBscription

The software music tech space is changing and more and more developers are trying the subscription route. Something that many musicians reject. Caelum Audio addresses this ever-present buzz theme with a new Synthesizer called SUBscription. The marketing for this is very funny:

Upon entering a subscription code into our brand new text-to-synthesis engine, you are entering an unbreakable DWTD* agreement with us. Monthly pay installments may range from 0 – 4999.99 dependant on your personal success.

SUBscription is a Synthesizer plugin consisting of an oscillator, filter, LFOs, and ADSR envelopes. The oscillator core uses a new text-to-synthesis engine for generating waveforms. The design of the oscillator part is particularly striking. This is an ATM in which you can enter text. With this, the developers want to point to subscription services that constantly want your money.

Even with the code they have been inventive and do not leave it to chance

We have copyrighted every possible character combination (subscription code) thus we will be claiming up to 50% of your royalties. Just like any SUBscription, you will own nothing and be grateful.

Here they point to another major criticism of sub-services. You pay, you have everything and if you don’t play, you don’t have anything anymore.

Text and Sound Filtering

Then, you get a 12dB/oct lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance controls and modulation options. They promise in their satirical marketing text: ” we too will be filtering out any bug reports, requests, or errors – our time is far more important”. Haha great.

Next to the filter, you can also spice up your sounds with a built-in drive allowing you to “make it hot and sweaty, inspired by you looking at your monthly subscription costs”.

Further, you get two ADSR envelopes, two LFOs, and four expression controls which are assignable to nearly every parameter.

And finally, Waves also gets a side blow:

If you need support via email you’ll have to buy the additional update & support plan with prices based on how seriously people take you online, however please be advised that every request increases the cost by 10%. Update plan not included.

First Impression

When reading the press release I often have to smile. On the one hand, because it’s funny but also because of the bitter reality of how subscription services work at many companies. A nice idea from Caelum Audio

The plugin is a nice gift from Caelum Audio that shows the world is fun and beautiful too. Yes, subs are unnecessary, but you don’t have to take them. You can just laugh about them and have fun. There are many plugin manufacturers that continue to sell plugins. See Caelum Audio… yes good marketing guys to promote your non-subscription business model. And yes, SUBscription is not the best friend of your subscription services.

Caelum Audio SUBscription is available now as a free download until July 21, 2023. It’s available as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. It’s also available for iOS with AUv3 support.

More information here: Caelum Audio

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  1. Yep, really funny. And the plugin itself is nice. I like the randomization, for instance. And I’m glad they actually use aftertouch in their patches. Just with that, the presets are more expressive than a whole lot of what’s out there.
    And it’s pretty neat for sub bass, as befits the name.

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