Deal: Novation Circuit Tracks groovebox, save 41% OFF for a limited time

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Deal: At Amazon Spain, you can get the Novation Circuit Tracks groovebox with a massive 41% OFF discount for a limited time.

November is the month of the big deals. This is especially the case in the market for VST plugins and iOS apps. There are also good hardware deals. Less but every now and then, you can benefit from excellent deals on hardware synths, grooveboxes…

One has now popped up in Spain at Amazon. You can get there the Novation Circuit Tracks, the successors of the best-selling Circuit groovebox with a massive 41% discount for 239,25€.

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Novation Circuit Tracks Deal

The Novation Tracks is the official successor to the Circuit groovebox. The concept has remained the same, but has been improved in various places.

It comes with a significantly flatter, less rounded but more angular design. It features again two polyphonic synth tracks, four sample-based drum tracks, and two MIDI tracks. The latter are new and transform the CT into a standalone hardware sequencer with CC automation support. New is a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives you up to 4 hours of battery life, perfect for making tracks on the go. With the built-in USB-C connection, thanks, you can also charge it with a standard power bank.

Then on the backside, it comes with a new microSD card slot for sounds and tracks, full-size MIDI in, out, and thru, sync out, left/right stereo output, headphones, two mono audio inputs, and a Kensington MiniSaver.

Cool, the two new mini audio inputs allows you to route external gear inside the Circuit Tracks. The incoming audio can be routed through delay, reverb, and mix alongside CT’s internal sounds.

Further, there are some good upgrades for the sequencer. It builds upon the original Circuit’s feature set and immediacy. However, you benefit from new features alongside accessibility improvements of the many features added in updates. It has 32-step patterns and 8 patterns per track with chain functionality. Plus, you get unquantized record and micro-steps functionalities.

If you are looking for a small groovebox for Christmas or are already interested in the CT, this deal could be very interesting.

Novation Circuit Tracks is available now for 239,25€ from Amazon Spain. It is not known how long the deal will last.

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