Unfiltered Audio is about to release iOS plugin ports, Bass Mint in public beta

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Unfiltered Audio, developers of creative effects plugins are about to release iOS plugin ports, Bass Mint is in pubic beta. 

If you want to produce music on the go on a smartphone or tablet, it’s hard to get past Apple’s iOS operating system. In recent years, a huge number of exciting instruments, effects, groove boxes, mixing/mastering, and complete DAWs have come onto the market.

With the introduction of the AUv3 plugin format, iOS got an important step forward. The fact that iOS is not just a fountain full of young, indie developers shows the ever-large number of well-known developer companies trying it on iOS. Includes Steinberg, Eventide, FabFilter, and more. Unfiltered Audio, which has innovative plugins on the market, will also soon be offering a part of its growing portfolio on iOS.

Unfiltered Audio iOS

Unfiltered Audio Goes iOS

I am very happy to hear that Unfiltered Audio plugins will soon be available on iOS. I’m a big fan of their releases because each offers an extensive engine combing classic features as well as innovative ideas. They are fun for a long time and sound very good.

The first plugin port will be Bass Mint, a unique low-frequency enhancement tool allowing you to manipulate the low-end with five distinct modes. Each comes with five carefully tuned knobs to help you sculpt and enhance your mixes. This plugin is already in public beta and will be available very soon. The invitation link is available on the AudioBus forum.

Unfiltered Audio goes iOS

This is also where the Unfiltered Audio Team communicates with the testers. Here they also announced that further plugin ports are ready for release. Including

  • LO-FI-AF, a multi-effects processor for adding lo-fi timbres featuring analog-style and digital ideas
  • SILO, a reverb/granular fusion processor with multi-dimensional panning
  • Needlepoint, a physical-modeling vinyl emulation on steroids
  • Tails, unique reverb with four engines, and innovative auto-ducking functionality.

I’m excited when we see the apps on the Apple App Store. These will be major releases for the iOS platform.

More information here: Unfiltered Audio / AudioBus Forum 

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