Korg Module Pro v4 Adds New Hybrid Synth Module & AUv3 Support

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Korg has released Modul Pro v4, an update of its instrument app for iOS that ships now with the long-awaited AUv3 support, and with a new hybrid Synthesizer module.

Last summer, I wrote a wish list article in which I informed Korg about the current situation in the iOS market. Since Apple will disable Inter-App audio in the future, I made Korg aware again how important AUv3 support is for all of their apps. A personal answer from Japan never reached me, but the article apparently reached those responsible in the app department.

There was already an unexpected AUv3 update for the Electribe Wave groovebox app in November 2019. Today, the next one. Korg has updated its Module Pro app to v4 and not only added new content but also introduced AUV3 support. I could hop in a circle. There are still miracles, one of which is that Korg makes AUv3 apps.

Korg Module Pro AUv3

In addition to AUv3 support, Module Pro also has a new instrument. Hybrid is a new digital-inspired Synthesizer that looks a lot like a Waldorf kb37 Eurorack keyboard or am I wrong? It uses a brand new engine that allows you to create a variety of rich and powerful sounds. These range from warm analog sounds to sharp synth leads to shimmering M sounds, even tempo-synced sequences.

Each sound has the optimal parameters selected on the interface so you can quickly adjust to suit your preferences. There is also a new sound expansion for the Hybrid synth that can be downloaded as an in-app purchase. In addition, the new synth module can be used as the Fairbanks gadget in KORG Gadget 2.

New In Module Pro v4

  • Hybrid digital synthesizer “Hybrid” module
  • “Hybrid Synth Pack 2” and “Cinematic” sound packs for Hybrid module
  • AUv3 support. Now you can use Module in other iOS music production apps.
  • The “Fairbanks” gadget is now available in conjunction with KORG Gadget 2.
  • Added: a free trial feature for the Expansion Sound Libraries.
  • Various other tweaks have been made to improve stability.

Korg Module Pro v4 is an update that we have all waited a long time for. Korg has finally done his homework, thank you. Please soon Korg Gadgets with AUv3 support. It’s a free update for existing Module Pro users and the app is on sale for $19.99 USD for a limited time.

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  1. That kb37 image is baffling.They copied the not very attractive paper warning cover on the power supply of a not very well known eurorack case for a macro/preset synth. What? Why? What?

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