Synthmaster 2 Player plugin with 2000 sounds is FREE for a limited time

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KV331 Audio is giving away the Synthmaster 2 Player Synthesizer plugin with 2000 sounds as a free download for a limited time.

Synthmaster 2 by the Turkish company KV331 Audio is one of the most popular all-around Synthesizer plugins. The plugin offers several high-quality synthesis forms, tons of excellent presets, and the plugin is constantly maintained. If the full version has too many features for you or you don’t have Synthmaster 2 yet, you can be happy now.

KV331 Audio is giving away the Synthmaster 2 Player plugin (worth 23€) as a free download throughout October 2022. The perfect introduction to the world of the Synthmaster.

Synthmaster 2 Player free

Synthmaster 2 Player

Unlike the big multi-engine Synthesizer brother Synthmaster 2, the Player version is a stripped-down version. It contains 2000 editable sounds, yes 2000. Editable to the extent that you can edit any sound with eight different parameters. Which parameters these are depends on what the sound designer has mapped. This can be the waveshaper of the oscillators, the cutoff of the filter, etc. Plus there are two XY pads, also pre-mapped with parameters.

Then, you can also edit the FX on each layer, including adjusting the layer FX routing, layer sends, and global FX routing. And so discovering sounds doesn’t become a scrolling fiasco, KV331 Audio has built-in an easy-to-use preset browser that categorizes sounds into groups and tags.

Synthmaster 2 Player is not a massive Synthesizer. Especially not for friends of parameters. It is particularly suitable for musicians who are looking for new excellent ready-to-use sounds without wasting a long time crafting them from scratch. You can compare it to a free alternative to the best-known Nexus plugin.

The download is not only a great free plugin deal but you also get a cheaper way to get the full version of Synthmaster 2. It unlocks a special upgrade/crossgrade price. There is also a Synthmaster 2 Player FREE version which is a different version. This is the SM2 Player that normally costs 23€.

Synthmaster Player 2 is available as a free download until November 1st, 2022. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: KV331 Audio

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