AudiaLab Emergent Drums, new plugin generates endless drum sounds using AI

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AudiaLab Emergent Drums is a new drum machine/drum virtual instrument plugin that generates endless new sounds using AI 

Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in technology. It has also arrived in music technology for some time. With the novel technology, developers want to create hardware and software for musicians that are more intelligent. Especially interesting as a gate opener for new features and sounds.

A new company called AudiaLab has incorporated this tech into a new drum plugin that is currently in closed beta.

Audialab Emergent Drums

Audiolab Emergent Drums

Emergent Drums is a new drum machine/drum virtual instrument consisting of 16 blocks. Each block is an independent instrument consisting of a sound and various parameters. The sound generation is exciting here. It happens entirely based on AI.

You select a category of sound and the algorithm generates endless new drum timbres for you. According to the developers, the engine is capable to generate countless unique, royalty-free sounds. You can choose whether you want a similar, completely random, or a mixture of both using a slider. The AI is trained on a wide variety of sounds says Audialab.

Once generated, you can customize the sounds in different ways. You can adjust the sample length, work with an ADSR envelope, fine-tune it, and more. This allows you to create your own kits with 16 royalty-free sounds.

Audialab Emergent Drums

Further, you can drag and drop all your AI-generated sounds as audio files into your DAW.

How the whole machine learning process works remain the developer’s secret. Nonetheless, it’s a plugin with an exciting concept. The idea of having a plugin in the DAW that constantly generates new drum sounds with a few clicks for me is very fascinating. You would have to see how good the results are in a test.

The question to ask here is: does this eliminate the need for endless sample libraries and do we only need one plugin when we want new drum sounds?

Audialab Emergent Drums is currently in closed beta and only available through invitation. Once invited, you get an access code to purchase the plugin. The official release TBA. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Audialab 

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