Discover The Sound Palette Of Birdkids TheBateleur 42hp Modular Synthesizer!

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Birdkids TheBateleur 42hp is not available for 300€, was not sold in rough quantities, but it’s an absolute modular Synthesizer insider tip. The heart of the synth is the excellent sounding The Bateleur VCO MK2, a full analog oscillator with a built-in filter, and advanced sound shaping features like sync or FM.

In addition, it includes the VCO expander MK2 with additional cv for cutoff/resonance and adds a VCA including a headphone output to the oscillator. Further, a creative digital A(H)DSR envelope with looping, retrigger and different speeds is installed in the system same a 4 channel mixer with a white noise generator.

Birdkids TheBateleur 42HP

Last but not least, it includes a USB-MIDI to CV/Gate/Clock interface that offers powered over USB. With this, it is possible to power the system simply with a USB charging cable or even with a power bank. So this synthesizer makes a good figure not only in the studio but also on the go like for jams in the park.

Check out the newest sound demos by Birdkids which gives you a nice overview of what this instrument can do!

VCF Sync

8-Bit Square

Additional Sound Demos On SoundCloud

More information here: Birdkids

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