Endorphin.es Ghost, Andrew Huang’s multi-fx module collaboration is out now

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Endorphin.es Ghost, announced at Superbooth 22, is a new creative multi-fx module developed in collaboration with Andrew Huang. It’s now available.

Back at Superbooth 22, Endorphin.es from Barcelona announced Ghost, a new multi-fx module developed in collaboration with musician and YouTuber Andrew Huang. After his inspiring beat machine app Flip, this is the multi-instrumentalist’s first hardware product.

The development is now complete and the module is available now from retailers.

Endorphin es Ghost

Endorphin.es Ghost

Ghost is a new multi-FX module that houses several effects in one. According to Endorphin.es, it is based on Andrew Huang’s modern music production techniques. AudioThing and Hainbach’s unique plugin developments or DivKid’s modules have already shown several times that when musicians work with developers on products, completely different concepts often arise. That’s also here the case.

Even if it looks very compact and limited at first sight, the module engine is very mighty and flexible to use. The highlight of Ghost is that the individual effect blocks are not fixed in a signal path. You can quickly rearrange them according to your need.

Ghost offers stereo effects, including filter, delay, reverb, and distortion. Plus, get a sidechain audio ducking envelope with a one-knob single-band compressor. The module is powered by a new generation ARM Cortex – M7 processor with 96 kHz with 32-bit. internal processing. This guarantees high-resolution sound quality during processing, including the algorithms


On the effects side, the filter gives you lowpass/highpass characteristics with cutoff and resonance control. Then, the tape delay has a maximum of 2.5 seconds and a handy onboard clock divider. Next, there is a rich-sounding distortion that benefits from 8x oversampling.

Further, there is a reverb that is capable to generate lush halls, reverse textures up to creative audio freezes. Each effect block is fully controllable either with manual knob control or via the rich array of CV inputs You also get a pre-and post VCA with tone and volume controls with extra gain.


The module bundles a lot of possibilities in only 16HP. A good number of effects, free routable via click buttons, and all are fully controllable with CV. If you want to use little HP, you get a lot on offer here.

Endorphin.es Ghost is available now for $475 USD.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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