Deal: save over $200 on Behringer’s ARP 2600 clone for a limited time

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Hardware Deal: for a limited time, you can save over $200 USD on the Behringer 2600 analog Synthesizer, a clone/replica of the ARP 2600

In the past few weeks, I have read more and more in the Synthesizer forums and social media groups that American musicians have bought their Behringer synthesizers in Europe. That at Thomann and other dealers. Mainly because they are significantly cheaper in Europe (beginning of the year 499€). Significantly cheaper than in the US where it’s over $700 USD.

Now a major US retailer has adjusted the prices down resulting in a real Behringer 2600 deal.

Behringer 2600 Deal

Behringer 2600 Deal

US retailer Sweetwater has reduced the price of the Behringer 2600 series by more than $200.

The classic orange/grey version now costs $498,97 USD just under $500 USD (28.62 % OFF). The Blue Marvin is now available for $606,75 USD (25% OFF) while the Gray Meanie is $566,30 USD (30% OFF). Both are also very good prices considering how much they were a few days ago.

The main difference between this version lies mainly in the built-in spring reverb. The classic orange/grey has digital spring reverb emulation while the others have a real spring built-in. Plus the blue and gray version comes with uni-color LEDs on each fader.

And for all those who say: “and we in Europe?” There are no “deals” but the prices have been at this level (579€ for the Blue Marvin at Thomann) for a long time.


  • an authentic reproduction of the original ARP 2600 circuitry
  • semi-modular architecture
  • 3 analog VCOs, each with LFO mode, FM inputs, and multiple wave-shape outputs for an awe-inspiring palette of tonal possibilities
  • noise generator with continuously variable color
  • multi-mode VCF with dedicated low-pass output with additional switched high/notch output
  • ring modulator, lag processor, sample & hold, Schmitt trigger, and envelope follower
  • two envelopes: ADSR and AR envelopes with switchable time factor
  • two dedicated LFOs
  • built-in spring reverb (analog/digital)
  • switched Post Filter Distortion (PFD) / Inverter option on voltage processor
  • differential (+/-) input VCA with both linear and exponential control inputs
  • attenuator, mixer, inverter, slew rate limiter, and 4-way multiple
  • external audio input
  • MIDI support
  • … and more

For anyone interested in a Behringer 2600 but previously too expensive in the US, this could be a really good deal. For the price, you get a very extensive semi-modular synthesizer with many patch options and a very good vintage sound.

Behringer 2600 is available now at Sweetwater starting at $498,97 USD for a limited time. Sweetwater doesn’t say how long the prices will last.

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  1. I bought one from Sweetwater last week on sale. They also have the Model D, Odyssey, CAT and MonoPoly on sale. I have a CAT and really like it. Pretty fat and I think underrated. I posted a short demo of it and my Pro-1 on YT. So far I like the 2600, but I haven’t had it but a few days so I haven’t spent much time with it.

  2. Thank you for e mailing me as I have just spent just under £800, at cheapest price on Ebay for the gry meni

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